Electronic equipment manufacturer (Casio) representing Japan. Since its establishment in 1946, the world's first small electronic computer was commercialized, and the global expansion was repeated one after another. As a global brand, it is the only existence of the G-Shock development which has many fans and celebrities to the overseas celebs, and the digital camera with the liquid crystal monitor is launched at low price, and the digital camera market is pushed up.
Electronic equipment and leather. I had an interview with Masahiko kusagaya about what kind of story there was in the tag of the brand that seemed to be contradictory.

Digital and leather fusion

Encounter with Casio and broklin music?

It was the chance to receive the story from Casio.
In 2009, I would like to contact you from the person who is in charge now, and I want you to make a case that can convey the customer to the customer.

Every time I look back at the interview, I am really motivated by a company who is working with enthusiasm for "manufacturing" even if the industry and the field are different.

At that time, there were not many leather goods brands, and there was not the thing where the color variation was treated abundantly. It was the moment when it realized that the magazine was featured in the magazine etc., and the founder had the special feature page that was enthusiastic about the affection, and it reached it to the one who likes things properly.
Because the founder was a mast item. I was glad.

For which product?

It started from the electronic dictionary case.
As for the electronic dictionary, it is the item which expanded Marquette rapidly in the top of Casio, and it was developed in a large space even in a household appliance store. I also used it in my school days, but I think that it was a mature period of continuing evolution, higher function and compact.

I want a case to carry the status. "

From the request, I made it with the French calf which is the icon leather of broollynn music.
The color is four colors expansion of orange Navy suck blue dark brown.
It is a universal color now, but it is still a color that is still a navy.
We had a plan to make a conservatory color, but I was impressed by the corporate attitude of believing in the color of the color.

It is likely to want to carry a clean color leather case... What did you do after that?

I made the digital camera case at the same timing.
Color is similar to electronic dictionary case. In the interior, you can use a fresh blue stripe fabric and set the spare of the SD card.
Since it was a combination that was not developed in Brooklyn, there were some customers who bought it as a small container. On the other hand, the person who knew Brooklyn by the case trigger.
I had the opportunity to approach a new customer layer.

Niche point needs

Certainly. It has been a little more than a period of time to reassemble in 2017, but what was it like?

At that time, it was a fact that there were few cases in which priority was put in the case in which the electronic dictionary was put in the cost even if it did so.
While we are considering each time we plan to plan our plan again, we have met many customers and have accumulated various knowledge, such as overseas activities, product development, and the transfer of Aoyama head office.
In addition, the flow of the times "want to use the good thing is long" is added, and it is pinpoint point, and the personal item is preferred.
At that time, the plan of the "S100" exclusive case started.

What is the model of S100?

The Casio is the "100" of a premium calculator that pursues "ultimate function beauty" and aggregates Japanese technology.
When I heard the price of 30000 yen because I didn't use a calculator in my job, I was really surprised.
However, I would like to make a calculator that can use "hundreds of yen to several thousand yen" in the field of dealings dealing with luxury stores and expensive goods, and to be able to feel "pride" and "good use" to professionals who are in contact with daily numbers in the field of accountants, tax accountants and sales I was convinced of the needs along the times when I heard the desire. Moreover, the strong intention as a company has been transmitted in the point that S100 is involved in "made in Japan" and all production is done in Yamagata factory. I remember contacting you in reply.

The pride of being made in Japan

Have you ever made a great contribution to planning your plan?

The product concept is "wrapping into the hands with time.
And, the main role is S100. It was not too much insistent on the business talk, and pursued simplicity to raise the class feeling.

It has been popular since the release in 2017, and it is thought that it will be able to make a limited item according to the season, and enjoy it to the wide generation by doing the model change several times.
We are proud of "made in Japan". And, because I am a craftsman, I can reflect the feedback from the customer firmly to the next thing making.
I think that the production of the standard color is being carried out at present, and only the background is trusted even now.

The leather used in the case was touched, but it was very smooth and gentle touch. What is leather?

The leather that is used in the current model is a smooth leather developed by Tanner (LWG (leatherworking group)), which is a member of the international audit organization (LWG (leather working group)), which consists of three companies in Japan.

Since it uses North American raw skin, it is soft and flexible to fit into the calculator.
In addition, the color with transparency is characteristic. The strict world standard technique was chosen, and the sustainable dyeing method considering the environment was chosen, and the chic color such as black and navy was adjusted so that it was not too heavy.

Simple design and color that doesn't get tired. And good quality leather. I hope you'll be able to use it forever.

It is sustainable to use good things forever.

It is collaboration of the spirit of CASIO who wants to continue to offer good things always, and the spirit of our manufacturing.

The brand in S100 exclusive case is three companies in Japan.
The worldwide bag maker is "Porter", with the history of more than 400 years, and our broklynn music.
It is an honor that I have chosen as one of the lineup that represents Japan, and it is thought that the back muscle extends.

Before I sold the case of indigo dyeing in a limited quantity, I heard that it was good reputation from the customer.
It is necessary for Japan to carry out the technology and the charm of Japan not only to Japan but also to the world. That step is the baton that inherit the important technology to the next generation.

The technology of the electronic equipment such as Casio, and the technology of the leather like us also support many craftsmen.
I think that I will send the charm of the hand work from various angles in future.

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