In 1979, Brooklyn Co., Ltd. was established as a company that handles original products from store brands and select shops, and celebrated its 45th anniversary.
By responding from a small lot, we expanded the frontage, shared various information, and from here, we have developed things and developing materials in pursuit of originality by communicating the know -how of things creation.

With the desire to "deliver directly to customers" the specialty products that we have cultivated as a manufacturer, the 2002 leather brand was born and opened a flagship shop in Aoyama.
In the same year, he exhibited as the only company in Japan at the largest exhibition in Europe in Milan, Italy. It has developed into a global development.

A childhood that touched on the "playfulness" of the founder who was an art collector, such as kimonos and kimonos, which are Japanese traditions and kimonos.

The culture of repairing is a kindness to think about people.
Playing culture excites people and brings moisture to the heart.

In order to keep these two cultures, it has been 20 years of craftsmen, with the mission of becoming a craftsman and communicating to the next generation.
In the last 20 years, I have witnessed the environmental issues surrounding the world, and with the culture of cherishing things, I have been stronger and driven by me.
We also develop projects on the theme of [terminals and life], and also develop tanners and sustainable leather certified by international examination organizations.

We love art and inherit the founder spirit that created color creation, and convey the splendor of Japanese products to people around the world. The mission is to spin the relation of sustainable culture, and we will continue to become a company with two -generation staff for 100 years.

Brooklyn Co., LTD.

Masahiko Kusagaya