User Guide

Thank you for visiting the Brooklyn Museum.
Here is the information that you can use comfortably.

1. Shopping method


Product selection

On the product page, add the desired product to your cart. Check the items in the cart and click the "Go to purchase" button to proceed to the next step.

If you have any inquiries/desired date and time, please fill in the fields below the "To purchase" button.


member login

[For those who have completed membership registration]
After logging in, click the Proceed to Select Shipping Method button to proceed to the next step.

[For those who are not registered as members]
You can either register as a member (free of charge) or purchase without registering. Please fill in the required information and click the "Proceed to shipping method selection" button to proceed to the next step.

[For those who wish to deliver overseas]
Please enter in "English notation".
Please fill in the required information and click the "Proceed to shipping method selection" button to proceed to the next step.


choice of delivery method

If you prefer cash on delivery payment, please select "Cash on Delivery".

If you wish to use payment other than cash on delivery, please select normal shipping.

For overseas delivery, the only delivery method is "EMS (International Express Mail)". Shipping fee will be calculated automatically based on the destination and weight. According to EMS regulations, some items may not be delivered depending on the country of delivery or the product.

Check your shipping address and click the "Proceed to payment" button to proceed to the next step.


Payment methodDesignation of etc.

You can choose to pay by credit card, Amazon pay, bank transfer, or cash on delivery.
Next, please select various items.

"Cash on Delivery" is not available for overseas deliveries. If you would like to arrange the shipping sooner, we recommend "credit card payment".

When you have finished entering the information, click the "Order Complete" button to confirm your order.


Order completed

This completes all ordering procedures.
An "Order Confirmation Email" will be sent to the registered customers.


When the product is ready for delivery, you will receive a "delivery completion email" at a later date.

[If you do not receive the confirmation email

*There are cases where your order has not been completed successfully. If you do not see your order history on My Page after logging in, please contact the customer service for confirmation.

*After completing your order, we will send you an email notifying you of the completion of your order.However, if you use free email, you may not receive the automatic reply email or you may receive it in the junk email box. Please avoid

*If you have set the domain, make sure that you have not rejected the domain designation, then set "" to receive the domain designation.

*Procedures for domain designated reception differ depending on each mobile phone communication service.

*The order has been completed even if you did not receive the order confirmation email. Even if you do not receive the email, we will not be able to cancel your order due to reasons other than the terms of use, or we cannot accept your order.


[Important Notice to Customers Using Free Mail]

*For customers using Gmail
We have confirmed the phenomenon that only the order completion email with the subject line of the email from us that states "Thank you for your order" will be placed in the junk email folder.
If you use Gmail, please check the emails in the junk email folder.
If you find it in the junk mail folder, please move it to your inbox.

* For customers using Yahoo! Mail
We have received a lot of reports that we have not received all the emails we provide.
If you have multiple email addresses, we recommend that you apply for an email address other than Yahoo! Mail.
If you applied using Yahoo! Mail and have not received the mail within 1 to 2 business days, please check the junk mail folder.
If it is not sorted in the junk mail folder, please contact us.Contact UsPlease give me.

*For customers using other free mail services
Even with free mail services other than Yahoo! Mail and Gmail, we may rarely receive emails from us.
We basically reply to email within 2 business days (excluding regular holidays), but if you do not receive the email within a few days,
Just in case to usContact UsPlease give me.

2. Payment method

On the product page, add the desired product to your cart. Check the items in the cart and click the button if you want to proceed to the next step.

  • Credit card payment
  • Amazon pay
  • Bank transfer
  • Cash on delivery

Expenses to be paid in addition to the product price

Shipping, consumption tax, cash on delivery fee

Credit card payment

[Types of credit cards that can be used]

Our website uses a security system called SSL.
All your important credit card information will be sent encrypted.

[Number of payments]

It depends on your credit card company. Please check with your credit card company in advance.

【Please be careful】

*As a general rule, we do not send credit card refusals for security reasons. We will replace the statement of use sent by the credit card company with a copy.
*Depending on the customer's usage situation, we may change to another payment method.
*If you pay by credit card, your card will be approved on the website when you place an order. Please be aware that without this approval, your card usage and order will not be confirmed.

Amazon pay

Amazon pay is a system that allows you to process payments easily, quickly and securely with your Amazon account.

[Advantages of using Amazon pay]

  • You can purchase with your Amazon account, so you do not need to enter new address, phone number, etc. at our shop.
  • Since Amazon handles payment on your behalf, you do not need to enter card information at our shop.
  • The "Amazon Marketplace Guarantee" also applies to the return guarantee in the unlikely event that the product is not delivered.

About Amazon account service *Link to the Amazon official website.

Bank transfer (prepayment)

It will be used in advance. At the time of ordering, we will notify you of the account number of the financial institution designated by our shop by order mail, so please pay at the bank within 7 days of placing your order. After confirming your transfer, we will ship the item.

*Please note that the transfer fee will be borne by the customer.

*Regarding bank transfer, we will ship after confirming payment.

*Please make payment within 7 days after ordering the product.

Bank name Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Omotesando Branch
Account type Savings account
account number 0091729
Account holder Brooklyn, Inc.

Cash on delivery

It is a system that allows you to pay in cash at the entrance when delivering products.

[Courier service] Sagawa Express


10,000 yen or less 300 yen (excluding tax)
30,000 yen or less 400 yen (excluding tax)
100,000 yen or less 600 yen (excluding tax)
300,000 yen or less 1,000 yen (excluding tax)

Notes on receipts

Please keep the "Order Confirmation Email" sent after shopping is completed until you receive the item.
A "delivery note" is included with the product.
If you need a receipt, please fill in the "Other inquiries" field at the end of the shopping screen and we will ship it together, so please feel free to contact us.
In that case, please be sure to specify the "address" and "providence" to be entered here.
However, if the payment method is "Cash on delivery", the receipt issued by the delivery company will be the receipt.
In addition, approve the reissue of the receipt beforehand because you did not hear it at all.

3.About delivery

Delivery charges

It is free shipping by the purchase more than 20,000 yen (税抜).

※When each destination is less than 20,000 yen (税抜), in the case of the order of plural destinations, it does not become the free shipping.

※When it is more than two points of reservation products, as for the delivery, it becomes delivery in conformity to a received product last. Approve it beforehand.
In addition, in the case of separate delivery hope, the postage is necessary each. But it becomes free shipping when one product is more than 20,000 yen (税抜).

The postage (税抜)

Area Hokkaido North Tohoku South Tohoku Kanto Koshinnetsu Tokai Hokuriku Kansai China Shikoku Kyushu Okinawa
Hokkaido Aomori
Delivery charges
1,100 yen 800 yen 700 yen 700 yen 700 yen 700 yen 700 yen 800 yen 900 yen 1,000 yen 1,100 yen 1,740 yen

Delivery method

I send it out in Sagawa Kyubin.

About designation of the time to send it

The designation of the time to send it can be chosen from the following time.

In the morning

From 12:00 to 14:00

From 14:00 to 16:00

From 16:00 to 18:00

From 18:00 to 21:00

From 19:00 to 21:00

About overseas delivery

I heard sending it to the foreign countries in our store.


◇Overseas delivery (international speed mail EMS)

I deliver it in EMS abroad.

In the case of delivery in the EMS, the means of payment of the price becomes a credit card, Amazon pay, the bank transfer.

In addition, about the overseas delivery, please warn the postage service because it is not applied.

In addition, approve the delivery in the EMS because you cannot appoint the date and hour of arrival.

※There is a product impossible of some EMS delivery by size, weight.

※Depending on a timing, there is a case to take approximately one week from an order to shipment. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.


●Delivery method, post office (international speed mail EMS)

• It is transportation by plane from the documents which it is faster than an aviation package, and are light to heavy baggage to 121 countries, area of the world.

Because it is always handled as "PRIORITY MAIL" by delivery courses, I send it in around 2-4 days if there is it between major cities. The rate is affordable, too and may be cheaper than an aviation package.

• Baggage chase on the Internet

By a chase system, a chase of the mail is possible in 40 countries, an area including the United States.

I can confirm it from Japan to the starting situation about other countries.

The postal chase is this"Chase service"

• Reliable product security

Because we insure a product and send it out, I send it out again when there is a mail accident(in the case of absence of goods, I contact me by an email)

• I fill in a necessary matter and easily send it out abroad

Because our store takes responsibility for the making of the necessary invoice, import certificate, customs notice book in the slip entry in the English sentence and some areas and fills it out, don't worry.

• The postage

List of EMS postage

About the accurate amount of money, please confirm an automatic calculated amount of money at the time of an order.


※Address ・ of the addressName ・Zip code ・Please fill in a phone number by English notation.

※The delivery postage to the destination's house is included in the postage.

※The duty of the destination country of baggage receipt other people burden you.

4.About returned goods, exchange

When returned goods, exchange is not possible

I cannot accept returned goods, the exchange in case of follows. Approve.

・Images are different; the case (become the application even before the arrival to the ... product after a shipment completion email.) by the circumstances of the visitor

・When, after a product receipt, it passes more than one week

・When, by the responsibility of the visitor, I am damaged or I am damaged

・When I become use with a product even once

・When he/she does not purchase it in our shop

When returned goods, exchange is possible

Returned goods, exchange supports about the product with a trouble and the malfunction by our cause.

・When a product unlike the product which I ordered is delivered

・When there is clear defectiveness such as damage not to depend on the responsibility of the visitor

・I am limited to the product which he/she purchased in our shop.

When I correspond to returned goods, exchange

"Brooklyn museum visitor support" 03-6427 ー 1530 orInquiry formPlease inform it of the details of a trouble and the malfunction more.

・When they relate to the delivery charges of the product and the expense that it costs for a retransmission, we bear it.

・When you want repayment, I pay the total amount and do the product price, delivery charges, the collect on delivery fee.

※Because the Brooklyn product is handmade, there is some individual difference in leather dyeing, processing.

In the case of the purchase from the Web site, thank you for your understanding beforehand.
Because I do not accept it, returned goods, the exchange by the circumstances of the visitor recommends purchase at the store when I am interested by all means.

About a return method

When a product is sent back, please send it back to the following address.
Send the product as a packing state when you sent it as much as possible on this occasion.

Address The Brooklyn museum Aoyama head office
Address 〒150-0001
5-3-9, Jinguumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Honjo Building 1F
TEL 03-6427-1530

5.About repair

I accept the repair of the product.
Because an amount of money will change by contents, I know a lotInquiryGive.

Repair contents Price (税抜) Repair period
Leather accessory
Stitch raveling 8,000 yen ... Two months ...
Running out of leather Consultation Two months ...
I repair Koba polishing 8,000 yen ... Two months ...
Hook exchange (all exchange) 8,000 yen ... Two months ...
Fastener exchange 20,000 yen ... Two months ...
I place a pen and add it 10,000 yen ... Two months ...
ID strap cell exchange 5,000 yen ... One month ...
Running out of reel string 2,800 yen One week ...
Steering wheel exchange One 10,000 yen ... Three months ...
Fastener exchange 20,000 yen ... Three months ...

※The repair should be a deposit system. (in the case of a request by the delivery, it becomes the repair after the bank transfer confirmation.)

※When you relate to a new trouble and repair by the malfunction, please inform it of the details of a trouble and the malfunction until "Brooklyn museum visitor support" beforehand.

※In the case of a request, it becomes the visitor burden about the coming and going postage by delivery.


I would like the question about the product, the shopping method than the following inquiry form about the question.

The inquiry over the telephone is this
TEL 03-6427-1530
(※ Wednesday fixed closing day to remove it for the ※ year-end and New Year holidays for from 12:00 to 20:00 in time in)

7.About use environment

It is the environment that I can recommend that has been inspected in us.

<PC site >

・Microsoft InternetExplorer11

・The Mozilla Firefox latest edition (more than Windows10, Mac OS X 10.11)

・The Google Chrome latest edition (more than Windows10, Mac OS X 10.11)

・The Safari latest edition (more than Mac OS X 10.11)


< smartphone site >

・The Apple Safari latest edition

・Android standard browser (more than Android 4.4)

※The setting method, please confirm the browser help of the errand.

※Please validate a JavaScript.

※Please validate the Cookie use.

※By the setting mentioned above, the movement guarantee for all visitors cannot be possible either. Thank you for your understanding beforehand