About the history of Brooklyn

1979Founded in Sendagaya, Tokyo

Established with the determination that "I want to breathe free air into the Japanese fashion industry." The company name was taken from "Brooklyn", which was a place name in New York, with a strong desire to "bring the pioneering spirit of America to Japan." Started as a company that produces original products for store brands and select shops.

1979CREW ’S

A select shop that condenses the typical traditional style of the east coast of the United States. We sell suits, blazers, BD Oxford shirts, etc. as original brands, and we also handle socks planned by us. In particular, our argyle socks and turn cuff socks were so popular that they sold out as soon as they arrived every Saturday.


In 1977, the first select shop "SHIPS" was opened in Ginza. We started planning and production of SHIPS original products such as socks, leather accessories, belts, backs, and ties, because we were recognized by the discerning adults who wanted good products and wanted to develop fashion accessories with good materials.


With the opening of the BEAMS Harajuku roadside store, planning and production of international gallery BEAMS BEAMS F, Ray BEAMS socks, belts, leather accessories, pocket squares, etc. started.

1984To Boot New York

A very famous shoe store in New York. Started handling Brooklyn original socks.

1986BAYCREWS Group

Spick & Span Shimokitazawa store (1986), IENA Harajuku store (1991), EDIFICE Shibuya store (1994), and so on, planning and production of original products such as socks and belts of 3 brands started.


The buyer of BARNEYS NEW YORK, the first store in Japan to land in Shinjuku, saw our products at International Beams, and started planning and production of men's and ladies' belts and leather accessories.


1990 The first UNITED ARROWS store opens along Jingumae 6-chome Meiji-dori. At the same time as the launch, planning and production of accessories such as men's and ladies' socks original by UNITED ARROWS started.

1991Paul Smith

Paul Smith's flagship store opens along Meiji-dori. Started planning and production of leather accessories such as color crocodile wallets, business card holders and belts, and silver accessories.


With the opening of Tomorrowland's first women's select shop "DES PRÉS", we started trading from women's original belts. After that, planning and production of original products such as TOMORROWLAND men's leather accessories, belts and socks started.

1992Brooks Brothers

Japan's first flagship store, Aoyama Main Store, opened in 1979 as the first overseas store. Brooks Brothers was very popular in Japan as well as many American cultures. We started planning and production of original products such as belts and socks because we are very particular about quality and want to handle good products that make use of Japanese technology.

2001Isetan Shinjuku store

Entered the first department store. In the age of men's accessories, where black and brown were the mainstream, we started handling leather accessories with beautiful color variations of Italian leather under the concept of "lifestyle is fun from accessories". The money clip of the "rock-paper-scissors series", which has a particularly high impact, has become synonymous with the brand "BROOKLYN MUSEUM" that makes fun leather accessories.

2001Matsuya Ginza

The first transaction at a department store in the Ginza area. Started handling the French calf series.

Aoyama main store first store opened

In the midst of a flood of things, the essence of things is based on the concepts of "fun to use," "happy to wear," and "comfort one level higher" in order to pursue "what is really good for the user." We have opened a shop as a place where you can directly tell our customers.

2002LONDON "Browns"

BROOKLYN MUSEUM makes its first foray into the world at the world-famous select shop "Browns". Started handling small leather goods from cordovan.


In the bag, RIMOWA / ZERO HALLIBURTON is the center, and the shop that sells the most famous shoes in the UK and famous shoes in the suburbs of Boston in the United States. Started handling cordovan series.


A shop that sells super famous brands of Classico Italy, including Kiton. Started handling cordovan series.

200282th MIPEL first exhibition

Exhibited "82 MIPEL", an exhibition of small bags and leather goods held twice a year in MILANO, Italy. At PELLUX, which started trading in 2002, I was invited to see our products as Japan's first brand.


Started handling at two stores, one in the duty-free shop area at Charles de Gaulle Airport and the other in front of Place Vendome in Paris. At a shop that sells fountain pens and pens made in Japan, we started handling hobby series such as French calf wallets and Italian leather money clips and majors.

2002NEW YORK "Peter Harmann"

With the exhibition of 82th MIPEL, we started handling colorful Italian leather products.

200383th MIPEL Exhibit

Exhibited MIPEL for the second time as BROOKLYN MUSEUM. There was a happening that the sample sent from Japan arrived in Italy, but it was lost at the venue and some products could not be seen.

2003BROOKLYN MUSEUM Aoyama Main Store
Renewal open

For customers who place an order, we have expanded the meeting space so that you can talk slowly while using samples such as leather materials and thread materials.

2003Exhibited at 84th MIPEL

Exhibited for the third time. While black and brown are the mainstream of leather products, we have been able to gain popularity from overseas buyers by launching a wide variety of colors.

2004British department store
"Liberty of London"

Liberty of London, famous for its Liberty prints, is also a long-established department store with a long history of style and tradition in London. Started handling Italian leather Dulles back and persimmon astringent dyeing. The Italian leather Dulles bag decorated the show window and was a great opportunity to get to know the name of BROOKLYN MUSEUM in London.

2004Exhibited at 85th MIPEL

The fourth store opening. The handling at Liberty triggered the recognition of the color variations of BROOKLYN MUSEUM. We received praise from overseas buyers for the high quality.

2004British magazine
Published in "The independent Magazine"

The green Dulles bag handled by Liberty has been posted.


With the 83th MIPEL as a trigger, we started handling ID cases, wallets and belts at the Roppongi Hills store.

2004BROOKLYN MUSEUM Aoyama Main Store
Renewal open

Start apparel. In addition to the original products of suits, blazer, pants, BD shirts, wide spreads, ties and knits that are important for the lifestyle of BROOKLYN MUSEUM, the shoes are off-white and navy of CROCKETT & JONES straight tip chukka boots navy saddle shoes. Custom-made combination, type 3.

2004British magazine
Published in "Telegraph magazine"

Dulles back dyed with persimmon astringency was posted.

2005Matsuya Ginza

2001 Started handling indigo dyeing and persimmon astringent dyeing series following the French calf series.


A shop that proposes lifestyles centered on overseas furniture. Started handling indigo-dyed crocodile, persimmon crocodile, French calf, etc. at Ginza store, Roppongi store, Nakameguro store, Nagoya store.

2006BROOKLYN MUSEUM Aoyama Main Store
Renewal open

BROOKLYN MUSEUM original schedule book is now on sale. I used to guide overseas notebooks to the notebook cover that I had been handling before, but overseas notebooks have a short vertical type time zone, there is no Rokuyo, and the memo column category (TELEPHONE / FAX / Email / MEMO / TODO) is often difficult to use, so due to the difference in working styles between overseas and Japan, the vertical time zone is set to 24:00, and the detailed categories of the memo column are put together in one column to enhance the free space. An original schedule book that users can use freely was born.

2006LONDON "Banford & SANS"

A shop facing Sloan Square from Selfridges in London. Started handling BROOKLYN MUSEUM original Japan leather "Yamato series" with the theme of natural.

Shin-Marunouchi Building store opened

The first BROOKLYN MUSEUM store to open in a commercial facility.


MR. Tyler, Editor-in-Chief of MONOCLE, visited the BROOKLYN MUSEUM Aoyama Head Office. After that, the meeting continued at the office in London, and the collaboration × BlackBerry×MONOCLE and BROOKLYN MUSEUM was decided. Started handling at London MONOCLEshop and Tokyo MONOCLEshop.

The reason for this collaboration was in the winter of 2007, when Mr. Tyler came to Aoyama head office, he purchased 60 business card case as a Christmas present for the monocle staff. Because it has a good reputation from the monocle staff who actually used it, collaboration after two years was realized.

2010Paul Stuart

In 2010, the current president of PaulStuart visited the BROOKLYN MUSEUM Aoyama head office. This led to the start of the handling of persimmons, indigo dyeing, Yamato and Cordvan at the New York store.
In 2012, we started handling The Kip series of wallets, business cards, coin purses, etc. at Aoyama store.

2010NAA Retailing FaSoLa

With the launch of international flights at Haneda Airport, when developing products that can only be purchased in Japan, we started handling BROOKLYN MUSEUM's indigo and persimmon dyeing, which can only be done in Japan, and bags, leather accessories, belts, etc. of yamato series (Japan Leather).


Sales started at the select shop "TRUNK" of the same series as the magazine "MONOCLE". (Right: TRUNK owner MATS left: Brooklyn founder Kazuhisa Kusagaya)


As a charity project of the Great East Japan Earthquake, MONOCLE × produced a BLACKLYN MUSEUM collaboration bracelet. We received a lot of support from famous people in all fields.

2011Ralph Lauren

"Even if it's equipment, it's high quality. From that, we started with the nomination of BROOKLYN MUSEUM from Ralph Lauren Japan. We have ordered cartons and signboards for use at all directly managed stores in Japan. After that, there was a voice that "I want to use it" at Ralph Lauren directly managed stores in other countries, and it was an opportunity to receive orders from all over the world.

2012Fujimaki Department Store

Fujimaki Department Store is a mail order site that offers masterpieces with a Japanese theme. At the reception party, Mr. Yukidai Fujimaki and mr. Kusagaya, a craftsman and representative, talked about "Japanese manufacturing" and realized their enthusiastic handling.

2012BROOKLYN MUSEUM Shin-Marunouchi Building
Close ()T:System.

2012Narita Airport Terminal 2 "FaSoLa"

With the renewal of Narita Airport Terminal 2, we started handling travel-themed products and accessories that are ideal for enlivening wallets and parties.

2014BROOKLYN MUSEUM Aoyama Honten
Relocation open

It has been reborn as a SHOP where you can enjoy the view of the world of Brooklyn with the scent of wood and leather around the wood.


CRAFTED FOR LEXUS disseminates lifestyles under the theme of "collaboration with young craftsmen" that resonates with LEXUS craftsmanship. Started handling passport cases, building clips, and multi-cases under the theme of "Travel" under the W name. The selected leather is a collection using "Yamato" which is 100% all-made in Japan, which is BROOKLYN MUSEUM original leather. I have set myself in my work with the will to challenge the world from Japan.


Since the birth of the world's first calculator with memory, CASIO has pursued accurate and unried calculators. "S100" is a new step in CASIO's calculator history. "If the calculator and the case are made in Japan, I want to make a good one made in Japan", and I was allowed to make it with BROOKLYN MUSEUM original Japanese Kip leather. As a "dedicated case to further enhance our commitment to having an S100", we started handling it at CASIO. In 2009, following the CASIO electronic notebook cover and digital camera case, a new collaboration was realized.



The magazine ELLE was first published in Paris in 1945 and is one of the world's largest women's fashion magazines published in 46 countries around the world. At ELLE ONLINE SHOP, which continues to transmit lifestyle, we started handling BAGS, wallets, card cases, etc. of BROOKLYN MUSEUM.

40th anniversary of the company's founding

This is the 40th anniversary of its founding in 1979. The current CEO, Masahiko Kusagaya, will make a generational change.


2018Korea (number)
"Heundai Apartment Store"

Hyundai Group is developing a variety of businesses on a global scale. "I'm looking for something good in Japan", so I visited Aoyama head office, and as a bespoke, I started handling it at a modern 狎 store in Seoul.

40th anniversary of the company's founding

This is the 40th anniversary of its founding in 1979. The current CEO, Masahiko Kusagaya, will make a generational change.