Our SDGs

The leather is a by-product of a limited resource.

This is Earth.
It's a big, big, shared resource that we have gained from our strong shared resources.
I have power.

A limited number of our resources.
That is why I want to tell you the end of the disposable era.

To that end, we innovate materials and quality.
I will choose the creation of things to connect to the next generation.
Forty years since I walked.

Even if you bury it in a lot of land,
We will return to earth as soil.
Developed the YAMATO LEATHER.

It is a safe and sanitic natural leather.
the strict screening of the protection of the global environment
Joint development with Tunnar, which has been cleared by global standards.

And ...
The selection of a creative method or material that can be used for a long time is selected.

enthrilled through ' eagl' s good things
Circulation and kindness.

SDGs = Sustainable social reality.
It's where we live now.
" You are responsible.bear in charge."

through the product,
I think of the earth.
This is an opportunity to think about the environment.

It's the essence of the creation of things to change the world.


SDGs (Espedeses)
Sustainable Development Goals

In September 2015, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, over 150 summits with the participation of the leaders of the United Nations, "Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Developmentwas adopted by the system.
"Sustainable Development Goals: Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)," which aims to achieve a better future by 2030, eliminating extreme poverty, inequality and injustice, and the protection of the planet's economic, social and environmental challenges for sustainable development.
The SDGs are a universal goal common to developing countries and developed countries.
"With the world's efforts to tackle environmental challenges, including social issues such as poverty and education, as well as to the target of 169 targets." No one will be left." This is an epic challenge to realize a rich world.
We will also contribute to our sustainable social implementation in Brooklyn, our stock company.

Animal Welfare


The leather is a byproduct.
It was not raised only for the purpose of making leather.
It is a beneficiary of meat and dairy products that turn into the energy of the people.
to prevent this benefit from being over-to-end,
I have the skills of Takumi.

"Animal Welfare"
It's called animal welfare.
This is an ethical view that has been proposed worldwide.
so as to be as few as possible with the stress of the animals,
the state of being satisfied and living;
This refers to the way of livestock, which is aimed at raising a healthy and healthy way of raising the livestock.

The Leather Working Group (LWG) is a group that clears Animal Welfare as well as environmental and social compliance based on international standards for environmental protection and regional conservation activities.
It consists of three brands of brand tanners and pharmacist related to Reza, and is now a global standard, with the top of the Ragjuar brand as its top.

Japan is the only country in the world that has obtained LWG certification with a tanner to develop materials.
A lesserer used by the Brooklyn Museum
Everything is clear.
Only traceability-high lazers.

People and nature.
People and animals.
Life and grace.

Walk together.
I am not afraid of any change.

The sustainble future,
This is a change in step by step.


People, technology,
And proud.

A reason for the importance of traceability in the Brooklyn Museum's products.

That's what the makers can see.
We believe that the safety and reliability of the product is corporate responsibility.

a craftsman involved in our products
a web of communicating
a production control for making lively resources
Leather, I want you to identify the individual characteristics of the skin, quality control, etc.
It means that all staff have a "proud" mission and a human nature to explore in order to make their own technology and work closer to a higher level.

One of the staff said,
We continue to aim for a "group of craft manship" with one or more "craftsmanship".

"People" and "technology" are the world's property.
The property supports the region, supports Japan, and supports both the occupants and the races.

A product in the Brooklyn Museum
In the hot and still passionate passion,
I will travel to Japan and abroad.

Life, life.
It is a person, koto, mono, or mono, born to enrich people.
I think that was born from the efforts and efforts of "someone".

"Somebody" politely upholding the "pointed part".
It must be both cardioic and mental health.
I believe that the realization of a personal dream will make the world happy.
I always keep working with the way I work.

To cross the border, cultivate the richness of the mind, and spin the culture.
That's our craft manship.

Eco Design


"I will tell you the end of the disposable era."
For 40 years, this idea has not changed consistently.

A product in the Brooklyn Museum
We aim for the design that can be repaired as much as possible.
The damage caused by the use of the service for many years also suggests that the staff who knew the characteristics of each item proposed the appropriate repair method.
By the hands of the Repair Expert, it is politely repaired and blowed out.

It is a technique that enables "redesigned and redesigned design" by polishing the covas.

Eco is the only technique that can be corrected.
Eco + Design is a non-disposable consideration.

It represents the maximum reperspect to the fusion of materials and technical.

For the Future

World's fun

talking to a conversation, talking to work,
"I'm talking about what I like," a chatting conversation.

We're not.
I feel that there is a future in the conversation.

Wakawakuwa ' was born in a chidan (miscellaneous chat).
WAKUWAKU: How to make the WAKUWAKU in shape?
WAKUWAKU to share and co-grow!?

Chronology, gender, nationality, and so on. Because it's a borderless.
through the joy and sorrow of people
100 years old, 100 years old, tag in the world.
It is a future that starts with zomidan.

We are taking a step forward,
We are engaged in a chat meeting with the different industries and the user.

A love story saves the world!

Sustinable Reza

Aging Story