Our SDGs

Animal Welfare


Leather is a by -product only.
Not just bred to make leather,
The benefits given from meat and dairy products that change to people's energy.
To prevent the benefits from ending with transient
There is a “craftsman's technology”.

What is "Animal Welfare"?
Also called animal welfare,
It is a global ethical view.
Reduce the stress of animals as little as possible,
Establish a state of being filled and living,
It refers to the concept of livestock that aims for a healthy breeding method.

LWG (Leather Working Group), which clears environmental and social compliance with high standards, and examines the impact on environmental protection and regional conservation activities on an international standard, as well as Animal Welfare.
It is composed of three companies, a brand, tanner, and a drug manufacturer related to leather, and is now a global standard, and has been certified as a luxury brand.

Developing materials with the only LWG certification in Japan, etc.
The leather used by the Brooklyn Museum
"Where / WHO / WHEN / HOW"
Everything is clear
Only leather with high traceability.

People and nature.
People and animals.
Life and grace.

Walk together.
Don't be afraid of the change for that.

Sustainable future
They come to change step by step.


People and technology,
And pride

Reasons to emphasize traceability in Brooklyn Museum products.

That is, "I can see the creator."
I think the safety and reliability of the product are corporate responsibility.

Craftsmen involved in our products
Web to convey
Production management to make use of resources
Quality control that determines the individuality of each leather
All staff must have a "pride = mission" and have a hearing spirit to bring their own skills and tasks to higher levels.

Each staff
We are aiming for a group of craftsmanship with one "craftsmanship".

Both "people" and "technology" are the world's property.
The property supports the area, supports Japan, and supports occupations and races over the borders.

The product of the Brooklyn Museum is
In the hot and quiet passion,
We will cross domestic and overseas.

Everyday, life,
People, things, things, born to enrich.
I think it was always born from the wisdom and efforts of "someone".

Carefully recognize the "sharp part" of "someone"
Being healthy in both the mind.
I believe that the realization of personal dreams will make the world happy
Always keep facing the way of working.

To cross the border, nurture the richness of the mind, and spin culture.
That is our craftsmanship.

Eco design


"Let's say the end of the disposable era"
For 40 years, this idea has not changed consistently.

The product of the Brooklyn Museum is
We aim for a design that can be repaired as much as possible.
The staff who know the characteristics of each item for the damage caused by many years have proposed appropriate repair methods.
The repair is carefully repaired by the repair of the repair and breathes back.

A technology that enables “design that can be repaired” by polishing Koba.

The technology that can be repaired is ECO.
ECO + DESIGN that fulfills consideration that is not disposable.

Express the maximum respect for the fusion of materials and technicals.

for the future

The world's fun

A conversation that I think "work" and talk
"I'm talking about what I like without permission."

I feel that there is a future in chatting.

"Exciting" is born from a chat.
To shape Wakuwaku! ?
How to share and co -ure Wakuwaku! ?

Elderly, gender, nationality, for all borderless
Through the joy and sadness of people
Create a "future" starting with a chat.
We value chatting to take that "one step".
I believe there are many possibilities in the chat.

Beautiful, protect

Sustainable leather

Use, touch, breathe

The Aging Story