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The order is accepted at the Aoyama branch office.

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Kusagaya Masahiko Producers

To produce one point at a time, the delivery period is about a year.

By order status,
The delivery period may be different.

For more information, please contact the Aoyama main office.

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Watch Straps

clock belt

It is taken from the size of the watch as it is on your watch.

A clock belt in which a large expression changes in a leather choice.

The original beauty cuffs and the D buckle are also available.

You can also enjoy Apple watch-only belts with your favorite leather.

Smartphone Case

Smart Phone Case

You can use a card pocket, a belt type, or a good shape for your own life style.

Please consult with me once for a geometries not in the world.



A long wallet, only two wallets,
with a strap, like a bag,
Usually unfolded in the Brooklyn Museum can be created by creating it from the paper type paper.

In addition, bags and belts will be accepted.

Please consult with the Aoyama main office.

BROOKLYN MUSEUM Aoyama Head Office


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