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One gem in the world

We accept orders at Aoyama head office.

The fun of completing the design drawing.

The joy of picking up the finished product.


Encourage history with life.
A gem that can only be understood by yourself.

CEO / Leader
Produced by Masahiko Kusagaya

Kusagaya accepts everything from order to production.
Consultation of bespoke is possible even on the day, but we will give priority to customers who make a reservation in advance.

Delivery time has been received for about six months to make one by one.

Depending on the order status
Delivery time may be different.

Please contact Aoyama Main Store for details.

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Watch straps

Clock belt

I will do it from the size of the clock.

A watch belt that greatly changes your expression when choosing leather.

Original beautiful tablets and D buckles are also supported.

You can also enjoy the Apple Watch -only belt with your favorite leather.

Smartphone case

Smartphone case

You can select the best shape for your lifestyle, such as attaching a card pocket or a belt type.

Please contact us once for shapes that are not in the world.



Regardless of long wallet, two -fold wallet,
Putting a strap and looking like a bag
Create and finish a form that is not usually developed in the Brooklyn Museum.

In addition, we also accept bags and belts.

Please consult Aoyama head office.



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