PAS Stuart


"Anglo American style pioneer brand".
A traditional British suit culture is proposed from the American point of view, and branding into the motto "the elegant elegance there" which is not popular in the fashion.
The Pattaya style style of "Stuart", which is not "look, not shaky," is to provide a shop in Madison Street, New York, for 80 years.
A lot of shops Stuart developed in Japan. However, the reason why he started business with the flagship Madison Avenue shop. We talked to CEO kusagatani Masahiko about what story there was.

The meaning of carrying many times

How did you meet pamstuart?

Mr. Christo gherod, the second president of pastustuart, and brooklynn mushroom founder were acquaintances of about 30 years.

If it says so, I think that it is an image "it was a wonderful connection", but it is more the road.
Founders who launched broklyn at 25 years old have visited the NY many times and pioneered the client. It was the most reliable way to carry the feet to the site in the situation where the cellular phone and the mail were not arranged so far.
Young Japanese who like fashion and speak English are getting points like every year. I think it's about a lot of heat and interesting.

PAS Stuart originally managed a select shop for Ivy Leger and the founder was also heavily influenced by ivy look. I had a wonderful chance including the roots.

Why did you continue to attack Stuart Stuart?

"Because it is a first-class."
Very simple.

It seems to be the story that I heard from the founders, but at the time, it was said that "Stuart row" was made to change the concept of "suit", and the fit feeling around natural shoulders to the line of the body was novel.
Make use of many famous people including President Kennedy and Frank Sinatra in an instant. It was brand of yearning.

And, the dignity of the flag ship shop is terrible.
It is a space with a luxury in a wide department store. So the staff who proudly work. A visitor who talks with a familiar staff happily and goes out to NY city.
Everything is first-class.

The shop that operates from 7 am in the morning is rare in the world.

Is it seven o'clock in the morning?

That's great. The business elite in front of work goes to the coffee hand to pick the tie today.

Please come to the shop side, rather than the customer research is thorough, it is the stance that it operates in accordance with the life style of the high-end customer. The close is fast though. Everyone is going out for dinner.

Business hours are very customer.
It is also for suits and small things dealing. Naturally, it becomes stoic more.

"Offer confidence, not look."
Such a brand was meaningful to be treated.

Trust as a product

You can understand that quality is also branding with faith. How did you handle the item?

I mainly handled leather accessories such as wallet and card case. There was also an opportunity to make Dulles bag.

They basically do business with their names. It doesn't depend on the material and the factory name, and it wins by the store brand named PAS Stuart.
I think that I got the absolute trust from the executives of Manhattan because I had priority over quality.
Amazingly, the suit asked Kiton (Keaton) for the OEM.
Kiton is a world-famous tailored brand representing Italy and Naples. The polite handwork that 150 craftsmen spend 20 hours in one piece is famous, but only the fact that the OEM is asked to the super-current brand comes true.

There are also broklynn music. Did you have any particular effort?

I tried to make a thing that I wanted to be a high-end customer of pamstuart.
We have spent much time and effort to make Kiton a 20 hour suit.
Because it is not possible to produce mass production, the material, design, and color are all high quality, and it is not able to be put out to the store unless it is loved.

I feel that this policy has led to repeat orders as well as words, and as a result of trust.

Delivering the power of a product

What kind of material did you like?

There were many materials not in America. Kakamori, indigo dyeing, original leather Yamato, and glossy Cordovan. I handled every material.
Among them, the smell rate was very high.

In a large cow leather, it is dyed with a single brush.
It is said that it is felt from the product that the technology and wisdom of old people and the delicate handicrafts of the Japanese do not finish it.
It is becoming a fan including aging, and it is said that there is a person who collects it.

Until 2 years ago, it was kakorishi dyeing that the technology succession had been worried.
I was able to connect to the next generation by meeting wonderful Tanner. This is not just a coincidence, but because of the fact that Mr. Tanner has a skill to catch and realize our strong thoughts.

There is a story one by one from the border and loved one. I think that there is power in the product with such a story.

We don't have a look at the "Stuart", but the style of "let's give confidence" is a spirit that we can't even forget about our craftsmen, which has been telling us "leather Chikara" and "color chakra".

The charm of manual work that is not in mass production.
We will continue to make our products with power products.

Again when the situation settled
I'm glad to visit Manhattan.

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