Ralph Lauren


Global brand Ralph Lauren.
Not only in fashion but also home style, restaurant, resort hotel, and so on.
Ralph Lauren Omotesando, a flagship store in Asia, is a space full of its worldview. Ralph Lauren from the American trad and broodlin mushroom which is influenced by the product from American trad.
We talked to CEO kusagatani Masahiko about what story there was.

Suddenly that day

How did you meet Ralph Lauren and broklynn music?

One day in 2011, Ralph Lauren Japan suddenly came to the store, suddenly.

"Will you make leather in the store?"
Was the chance to receive the story.

Did the person in charge charge like a user?

That's different.
It was the person who was in charge of the interior design of the Ralph Lauren Omotesando, but it seems to have known broklynn music from the time of the enterprise who was working before that.
Before we had a direct shop, we were able to make things such as beams, sips and Brooks brothers.

The OEM also received the memory of the memory that I received.
It's very difficult.

What kind of stuff did you wish for the store fixtures?

Carton and the sign board were the main, but the most surprised thing was to roll the leather to the carpet helicopter.

As for carton and the sign board used in the accounting, it was an item that was made to our store and other brands, and it was not a problem, but when it became a carpet, it was not able to imagine at first.

Because the floor area of the Omotesando is wide, the carpet is quite large.
If it is the range to sew with our sewing machine...

I would like to call a carpet from India, so could you arrange only leather? "

I cut the leather of broklynn music select in a strip shape, and it is said that a few carpet workers from India are sewn directly at Omotesando shop.

It is no longer an area of art.
I felt even impressed.

Thorough quality control

It's great to be so annoying to such details. Did you start an effort from there?

I want to be in the same quality as the leather used in the U. S. A. "
I ordered the leather proposal of the quality.

I love Ralph Lauren and I know their background well. And the enthusiasm of the person in charge was also feeling enough.

"Even if it is a fixture, I want to stick with it."

In order to respond to the desire, the picked leather is bridle leather made in Italy.
The leather is strong enough to be used as a harness, and is characterized by the technique of applying the row several times to tighten the leather itself. It is the historical leather which is inherited from many hundreds of years ago, and it is the best durability to the store where many customers come because it is excellent in durability, and it is raining and water.
It is too luxurious to use for fixtures, but there are Ralph Lauren in the world. The quality control was thoroughly done.

The quality request as the thing is inevitably high.

Well, I told you, "I want you to leave it." Coordinate with craftsmen skilled in hard leather, such as bridle and adjust the way of putting core and sewing. There was no big correction in the finished sample.

Then start at Omotesando store.
At that time, there was a second line store for the young generation called rubby, so that I could order the order of colors even if I use it.
The product that I dealt with the brand whom I yearned. Even if it was a fixture, I was glad.

Asia direct shop

How did you spread from Asia to Asia?

The senior manager who visited the direct shop inspection happened to see the carton and the sign board

I want to use Asian flagship

You said,
I started to order orders from Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia and Asia store.

It was a long time ago that there were no small and lots of high quality.
I think that it was the moment that the technology that had continued with the other company and the technology that had continued to have continued and continued was

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