The company is the world's first "celebrating" LEXTA to be called "Celebrity."
LEXUS is the global prodys ("INTERSECT BY LEXUS>").The Creative Mind is based in Aoyama, Dubai, and New York City, as a place to meet and become senialized.
The BROOKLYN MUSEUM product is chosen as the "Life Style Collection" (CRAFTED FOR LEXUS>), which is created by "young Takumi" that resonates with the LEXUS craff manship.You have crossed the sea and are selected to INTERSECT BY LEXUS for each country.

Stories before you start as a partner.
I interviewed Masahiko Kusagaya, CEO of the company.

a desperate necessity

-What's the meeting of the LEXUS and BROOKLYN MUSEUM?

I think it was around 2013 when I heard that the LEXUS would open an "".

"I want to create a LEXUS item for items related to cars and travel."
That was the reason why I told you about it.

But it's a miracle, and it's a little bit of a coincidence -- a little longer, but forgive me. (Laughter)

In the first place, the LEXUS brand, which started in 1989, felt that it had broken the unbroken notion of with a global angle, so I had to check it all the time.There are a lot of LEXUS owners in our customers, but many of them are very important to you.This is the pattern of a successful import, and it's a wonderful thing to be proud that it is from Japan.It is the place that we should aim for.
Such a "LEXUS" is to create "stores that don't sell cars."It's also on Mt. Aoyama.

"What kind of space will you be?"
"I wonder where it will be."

I thought that Winkreative would be involved, and say, "That would be all right!"

-What about Winkreative?

This is a London-based creative agency.
This is a story from Mr. LEXUS, a company that is involved in the Airline Produce and the Vic Maison Consul, which is a government-run company.

The owner is Tyler Brewé.
The founder of "Wallpaper *", the world's most famous lifestyle magazine, is now the owner editor of Creative Information magazine, which is also supported by the world's richest people.
The INTERSECT BY LEXUS is a space expressed in the Wonderwall and Winkreative partnership, led by Masamichi Katayama, a Japanese interior designer, and this is a very, very, very good thing.

The story was on the contrary,
One of the miraculous coincidles is that the Tyler had previously liked the BROOKLYN MUSEUM.

It is the origin of the start of the year 2007, when it happened that the restaurant was opened.
I'm going to talk to Tyler in detail, and I'm going to get along with Winkriative, Monocle, and both teams, and I'm going to talk to you about the other.

the moment when the rim

Have you been to Europe for a long time?

At the time, I was visiting Europe twice a year to study a store in the (PITTI) UOMO (World Men' s Fashion Exhibition), or to conduct sales activities in Selective Shop.
Whenever I finish my work, I gather for everyone.Because the owners are together, both teams are on good terms, and Japanese staff are gathering together for me.and they were all in the same generation (between their twenties and thirties), so it took no time for them to get along.
I was happy to have trusted me as a business partner while doing several tradec-making.

Left: In 2007 Winkriative/Monocle Owner Tyler, founder and current CEO/Right: The current president and current CEO of Trunk Owner Matts

In 2007, Winkriative/Monocle Owner Tyler, the company's founder and current chairman,
Mr. Matz, the owner of Trunk, 2014, 2014.

and while I was doing this, from the Wink team,
" I'm going to work with the LEXUS, but I might ask Masa to ask you.
she said.

I had a big kitchen presentation from Tyler and the team, but the other miracle happened.
The LEXUS product development manager and the head of the product were customers with BROOKLYN MUSEUM.

"In a brand in the blue mountain of Brooklyn."
"I know very well, because I'm the brand I use now."

As a chance to say, "Brooklyn is Miss Brooklyn," and we have been doing it smoothly.

a traveling partner

-How did you decide on an item?

The items related to cars and travel are like LEXUS.

In order to meet the order, we organized various items and we held meetings.
One of the products represented by BROOKLYN MUSEUM is the PasportCase.This is a favorite item for many jet setters.

If you had a money clip and a cardcase and coin-case item, you'd be able to travel all over the world with money clips and cardcase and coin-case items.

-That's a nice theme.
How did you build on the other essential theme "LEXUS mustard"?

Since the beginning of the project, I thought there was a need to feel the sense of ownership only in the LEXUS.
It was adopted by Spindle Grill.
The Spindle Grill is a front face symbolizing LEXUS.This is a brand icon that you can see with one eye.
By making part of the item part a spindle grill design, we represented a product that was only here.

-I'm afraid I have the tension on you.

I'd be happy if I could feel that way.

Another point is the overwhelming differentiation point.
This is to use the original BROOKLYN MUSEUM rether < Yamato >.

Yamato is a leaser who insisted on doing all the processes in Japan from the ranch until finishing the finish.
And it's a sastenabic process that has reduced the environmental load to extreme power.

Tanners, who have been working on development for two years to make our memories of our memories, of course, are in the top class of the tens of thousands of tanners in the world, and Japanese tanners are the top ones in the world.
It is our mission to tell the world that it is the janquity of the world.

Yamato was indispensable for the concept of a

From Aoyama to the World

-Is there any place you can buy anything other than Aoyama?

Currently, the purchase is available at two stores in Japan and two overseas stores in Japan.

In Korea, the INTERSECT BY LEXUS of Aoyama and LEXUS Meets, which is located in Hibiya Midtown, are located in the country.
They are in Dubai and New York.Because each of them is an intellectual and laguary space that is designed by the same team, it can be enjoyed even by visiting them.

In Dubai, we gave our pathportcase as a Christmas present to the VIP.I heard that it was about 50, but it was like Dubai!
I reached out to a customer who didn' t know the BROOKLYN MUSEUM before the sea far beyond the sea.I'm excited to see if I can only imagine how I felt I was feeling a craft man.

something that appears first

-Please let me know if you have any future prospects.

I want to do an event.
Before Corona, the company had expanded its products in a combination of its new LEXUS cars and special specifications cars.For example, the BROOKLYN MUSEUM Lam Sizome Series is a special version of a series of special specs with indigo dyed on the Walnut used for steering.

Although it is difficult to hold events at the moment, we are currently reviewing the U.S. team with a LEXUS team as well as the team.I'll let you know as soon as the details are decided!


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