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It is based in Singapore, and continues to transmit the craft to the globally by the concept of "new way to craft beyond the sea".
In recent years, Singapore is a hub of art culture.
There are hulls Gallery Singapore in Duxton Hill (Duxton Hill), which is attracting attention as a new fashion destination, as it comes from all over the world.

The story came to an actionInterview with Masahiro kusagaya.

Maid in Japan

Encounter with Hans gallery?

In 2016, Mr. Shibata, representative of hare, came to Aoyama store.
When I came back to Japan at that time, I was able to see my goods at Isetan men's house, I thought that it was a beautiful brand of the color, and checked it on the net and came to the store at that time.

When I came to the store for the first time, I bought money clip and coin case, but it was thought that "it is a man who tells the passion of the leather gently and long." It is over an hour, and it passes past quickly.

Since then, when I came back to Japan, I often visited Brooklyn to increase the collection of Brooklyn and I knew that Ms. Shibata was representative of HALS while I was talking to each other while drinking coffee at the Aoyama main store.
If you hear, you can come back and forth between Singapore and Japan.

What kind of company is harus?

It is based on Singapore, and it is a company that transmits the craft to the global by the concept of "new road to craft beyond the sea". Retail and wholesale sales at home and abroad, planning and consulting of original goods and exhibition events, and information transmission by online media.

Mr. Shibata, who lives in Singapore, has been working on various craftsmen in Japan every month, and has been made to interview with the maker of the traditional crafts of Japan, such as pottery and textile. After the year 2020, the situation was cancelled.

Singapore is a hub of art culture.
There are hulls Gallery Singapore in Duxton Hill (ducton Hill), which is attracting attention as a new fashion destination for art, gourmet and traditional crafts.
It is a gallery that always works more than 100 points.
From Singapore to various parts of Japan, interview directly to the creator, and the product which sympathizes with the concept and the policy is an impression.

It was impressed that it was wonderful to send Japanese crafts from overseas to the world frankly.
It is rich only by imagining that the thing which feels the delicacy of Japan craft and the feeling that it is in a solitary atmosphere coexist not only in Japan but also in the life of the foreign country.


What is the start of the effort?

From the concept of Japan's Craft Culture
Could you tell me about the Brooklyn Museum?
It is a self-made work that pursued the beauty of aging and kakinoshi dyeing and indigo dyeing. It is the persimmon and indigo series with many enthusiastic lovers from the beginning of about 20 years ago in Japan.
There are many fans who buy and buy as a product that feels like Japan when overseas customers come to Aoyama store, so I think that this elegant aging can be enjoyed by Singapore.
The French calf with beautiful colors is also started.

There are a lot of things that we can't understand with our eyes.

I think that the meaning of putting a lot of time is like "falling down" at first.

In fact, when you return to Japan in Singapore, you can go to the Aoyama main store and let you know the item.
"I've been aging so beautiful," and I will stick to craftsmen.

I heard that there was a pop up store in Singapore.

In 2018, atelier space was set up in Isetan Singapore, and the pop up was done there.
I was surprised that the people who were eager to turn the camera were annoyed.
The process of manufacturing is interesting.
People who come back in 1 hour and take a picture again, and this kind of heat is good! .
I was excited, I had eye contact with my customers, I enjoyed conversation, and felt the air feeling overseas.

Living things in the world

Is there any other product development?

Leather tray, jewelry case, golf ball case
I collaborate with life style products.

There are many branch offices in Singapore.
Because it is a culture with a lot of home parties in foreign countries, I wanted to offer the items that admit to the life style of those who said so.

And, because the golf course of Singapore originally has a good golf course, the golf ball case for golf users is big
When I put it into my winning color, I got a good score! " He said.

In addition to the ball case, the head cover and the iron cover are also excellent products for the sale in Japan by utilizing the user voice via Singapore.

Although the scene changed, I made a collage board called "Terra Tokyo Singapore" which is Michelin.
Chefs are Japanese people of the same age. In fact, I also visited Japanese food culture in Italy cuisine, and it is a wonderful shop that is very particular about dishes.

I heard that you will hold a craft event at Aoyama head office.

There is an original brand called "kori" that the concept is "cool". It is a future futuristic brand that expresses the harmony of "inside and outside", "nature and residence" of Japanese culture, and incorporates the cool from the nature like the edge which is included in the house. The elegance that gives the time of the cool healing to the life of the city in the world.

Especially the art piece I like is "water vessel".
It is a vessel to pour water into the vessel of the glass and love the shadow of the water.
I was only impressed by the idea of the shadow.

There are other wonderful works, so we want to see our customers.
We are planning an event with leather products and crafts that are common in Japan.
If the situation settles, it will surely be held, so I would like to wait for the pleasure.

Other works

PAS Stuart

Ralph Lauren