Gallery TOMORROWLAND 伊勢丹メンズ館 期間限定オープン

GALLERY TOMORROWLAND Isetan Men's Building Limited Time Open

From Wednesday, August 16 (Wed) to August 31 (T...
TOMORROWLAND丸の内店 スーツケースオーダー会のご案内

TOMORROWLAND Marunouchi store suitcase order meeting

TOMORROWLAND × BROOKLYN MUSEUM × HOKUTANInformation on suitcase order meeting ...
TOMORROWLAND丸の内店 カスタムオーダー会のご案内

TOMORROWLAND Marunouchi store custom order meeting

TOMORROWLAND Marunouchi storeInformation on custom order meetings7/27 (Thu) -8/13 (Sun) ...
7/13.14.15 合同展示会のご案内

7/13.14.15 Information on the joint exhibition

This time, the Brooklyn Museum will hold a joint exhibition.Under the theme of "Beautiful LifeStyle", attractive brands, from apparel, sp...
10.16sat-10.17sun 合同POP UPイベント開催 vol.2

10.16sat-10.17sun Joint POP UP Event Held vol. 2

Hello. I'm Masahiko Kusagaya, a craftsman and representative.The "Joint POP UP Ordering event event", which was an...
10.16sat-10.17sun 合同POP UPイベント開催

10.16SAT-10.17SUN Joint POP UP Event Held

10.16SAT-10.17SUN Joint POP UP Event Held "Broooklynmuseum"✖️ iKKAYA✖️ takes.✖️Okuumura parlor "   [Everybody invi...
次世代へ伝えたいコト <キッズイベント編>

Things that you want to convey to the next generation

hello. This is Brooklyn Museum COO Harumi Naito. The hot summer is over, and the autumn weather is healed in pleasant days.   This summe...
ワークショップ 満員御礼にて無事終了いたしました

It was finished by workshop crowdedness thanks safely

A workshop of the Aoyama head office first holding.All of you who had you participate in the number of the ...

Limited edition sale

Last year, workshop held by daikan yamatoya."Even in the Yamamoto store!" We decided to hold a long-awaited...
代官山蔦屋書店 スペシャルプロモーション開催決定

Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore has decided to hold a special promotion

A special promotion for the Brooklyn Museum will be held at the Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore.In addition to ...
レザーケア ワークショップ 大盛況のうち終了いたしました

Leather Care Workshop ended with great success

The "Leather Care Workshop" was held with leather care specialists.Many customers visited this time as well...
LEXUS MEETS...HIBIYA スペシャルプロモーション開催中

LEXUS MEETS HIBIYA Special Promotions

LEXUS MEETS is a new brand-based facility that proposes a lifestyle with LEXUS to those who value the richn...
2019年10月5日(土) レザーケア ワークショップ開催

Leather Care Workshop on Saturday, October 5, 2019

Colonil, Germany, is used in about 100 countries around the world and continues to develop shoe and leather care items. We will hold "Leather Care Consulting" with Mr. Tsukuda, a care professional, from S.ISAX Shokai, the japan's general distributor.
チャリティ for マギーズ at BROOKLYN MUSEUM 多くの方にご来場いただきました

Charity for Maggie's at BROOKLYN MUSEUM Many people came

"Charity for Maggie's at BROOKLYN MUSEUM" was realized by the desire to support even a little in the connection that the customer of the...