TOMORROWLAND丸の内店 スーツケースオーダー会のご案内

Information on suitcase order meeting

Suitcase order meeting
Held at TOMORROWLAND Marunouchi store until August 13 (Sun)

With retro fiber material
with a sharp design

The pulp used since the end of the Taisho period is famous for its high -compressed fiber material, and is said to be the supreme trunk selected by real enthusiasts.

The exterior is an original fabric and a famous suit dough manufacturer used by TOMORROWLAND from the number of pallets of HOKUTAN.
You can choose from a special fabric.

Corner leather and handle use domestic Honatsuna Nume.
You can enjoy aging every time you use it.

Please come on this occasion.

TOMORROWLAND Marunouchi store

2-5-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Marunouchi 2 -chome Building 1F

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