This word is very positive.

When exercising overflowing creativity,
It will be our ally.

In a social conflict,
It teaches us to coexist with others.

If there is no self-satisfaction, it will not be announced.
That too is overwhelming.

Not just trends and marketing,
"Can we be satisfied?"

The more it is overwhelming,
When you pick it up,
It will give you more satisfaction and inspiration.

A series of decisions and actions that everyone visits.

When I want you to push your back,
When you want to drown out the noise,
When you look forward anyway.

With you who are crazy about life.


The target is
0 to 100 years

It is a by-product of what lives on Earth.

Meat as a culture where people all over the world are building close relationships.
Leather as a secondary industrial product.

There are a lot of craftsmen who exist to create a richer culture without discarding them.

And sometimes leather culture also raises issues for a sustainable world.

Think more logically about what you can do now, rather than "stop something".
That is why we value limited resources.
Know how to make a choice and convey it.
From there, we will build a new framework.
That is the culture.

BROOKLYN MUSEUM is a leather value targeting 0 to 100 years old.

From parent to child, and beyond.
We aim to be a product that will be passed down to more generations with "culture".

Think of the future
Edge polishing

Indispensable for BROOKLYN MUSEUM products.
It is "cut edge polishing".

A technique in which front leather and back leather are laminated together and all parts are polished individually.

For each item, in the process of hundreds, the edge tightening ratio is 40%. It's a process that takes about half the time.

Add dye and polish, dry, add dye and polish. A single wallet will not be completed unless you take extra care and take care not to let even a single drop adhere to the leather.

In addition to the time and effort required, the fabric cannot be used and it must be finished with all-leather, and the cost is different. Therefore, it is a method that is not suitable for mass production and has not been featured worldwide.

However, this method is the "repair economics" that saves the future.

Monozukuri that doesn't assume discarding.
It is the only process that can be used for a long time while repairing.

Get older

The leather keywords we select are not up-to-date, well-known, or priced.

"Are you aging beautifully?"
That's it.

I want you to pass it on for decades and decades.
design. Creation.
And leather that can be beautifully worn over time.
This is important.

By using it for a long time, you can enjoy the pleasant astringency like wine and the roundness of taste, creating a personal design like denim.

Aging that conveys even sensitivity and consciousness with its firm luster and depth.

Dirt, scratches, and color changes that new ones do not have.
That is myself.
So dear.

Not only does it attract people around you, but it continues to be loved even if generations change.
Attachment is the key to saving the world.


A color scheme influenced by art.
The leather and stitch colors are in contrast, and when you open your wallet, you say "clean!"

In particular, Andy Warhol of POP art gave us a special power.

"Fun is the best."

Even 40 years after its founding, it is still our identity and our mission.

The excitement and excitement of touching art, the feeling of finding a new self.
The feeling is unique and the moment "1+1 = infinity".

BROOKLYN MUSEUM values ​​the moment.
And at that moment, age, gender and borders are irrelevant.

Even if you don't understand the language, you can share the feeling with one wallet and one color.

Creating things to the next step.

Our SDGs

Sustainable leather