Interview with NEW BRAND

2019 The 40th anniversary of the company's founding, a generation change.2020 "Change! Don't be afraid."All the second generation staffH...
ワークショップ 満員御礼にて無事終了いたしました

It was finished by workshop crowdedness thanks safely

A workshop of the Aoyama head office first holding.All of you who had you participate in the number of the ...

Why "Wagyu"

"Yamato" is an essential material for talking about the Brooklyn Museum. It was announced in 2004 and has produced various products. We will introduce the best ingredients that we consider, "Why we were particular about Japanese beef."
もの作りを支える「手」 ─#02 漉き 編

Support crafting; "hand "- #02 creation of dried laver"

"The way" to support the crafting of the Brooklyn museum is not one. Many "hands" are engaged to make one point of wallet, and -- it which I make up do not be accomplished only in the craftsmen of we Brooklyn museum. However, it is a fact that is decreasing for "craftsman" たちが, various reasons that you should boast of to the world that you save many techniques in "hand" and "head", and pushed up Japan to the country of the crafting year by year.
もの作りを支える「手」 ─#01 裁断 編

"Hands" that support manufacturing: #01 cutting

There is more than one “hand” that supports Brooklyn craftsmanship. Even if we make one wallet, many "hands" will be involved in making it-that is not something that only Brooklyn artisans can do.