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Blue-dyed Black Codile

Blue-dyed Black CodileIndigo dyed crocodile

Among the crocodiles, the well-balanced scales and quality leather states are highly valued in the world (Nile crocodiles).
Because of the small size, the number of items that can be obtained is only too small.
A long wallet can only be produced by creating a single piece of 'chrome' for a long time, and it is just a sigh of beauty.A rare diamond-colored diamond, with its unique dyeing technique, 'indigo dyeing,' which is a rare type of dyeing technique in Japan.The texture of the indigo-dyed crocodile, which has been created and created by repeated trial and error times, has attracted a lot of "leather likes" over many years.

There are about 20 tuners in the world that have the technology to do crocodiles' tannas.There are six shrines in Japan.You can see how rare it is to compare it to the tanners of the cow, which is said to be tens of thousands of companies around the world.

This is why the world's number of chlorodieltaners is low.
Anyway, it takes time and time.
There is a major difference in the process of tanned, with the limited number of annual transactions being limited in terms of animal protection and the fact that it takes years for the cultured itself.
It takes a few weeks before the hard scales that cover the body can be machined, and 3 months of work is required before a single chrocodile completes the entire process.

The stain is a process that requires a high technique that is not allowed to go insane as it is dyed out of the completely dried condition after the dyeing is tanned.
This blue-dyed crocodile, in particular, was a natural dye, and therefore made it difficult to do so.The temperature and humidity and various conditions of the climate are checked every day, and the dye is fine-tuned.
the overwhelming knowledge of the tanners and the highest level of the regaler, which was made by the enthusiasm of the artisans.

Lam dyed crocodiles with a beautiful pattern of spots (patterned) beautifully, depending on the process of tanning that takes a long time and the finishing process that requires a skilled technique.The color is deep, and the difference in the change of the year by the concave convex is given to the color depth.

In addition to the "scarcity of materials" that increase the annual value of "materials," the "advanced dyeing technique" of indigo dyeing, which is not allowed even a few seconds of madness.The thorough management of quality control, which is said to be a more sophisticated dyeing technique, has been allowed to be used only by a limited number of artisans, and is also adding to its value.

It is true that mass production cannot be produced and the number of items that can be produced per year is also limited.This is an anecdote that is able to enjoy the high level of Japanese technology while feeling the quality of the textatoring material itself.


Colonyl 1909: Sugar cream of Deluxe is recommended.

In the beginning, after removing the fowl and dirt that is not visible in the brushing, the soft cloth takes a very small amount of cream and is evenly filled with leather products.

After the painting, Bushing, with the exception of the extra creamy, is the glave.

Please wipe the finish with a leaser grove.
Please be careful not to wipe out the oil of leather because it is possible to deprib the leather of oil.
The frequency of care depends on the situation, but please take a look at once a year.

This is the product you recommend, the care items you're in.

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  • It is difficult to absorb moisture and restore it to its original state once it is absorbed.This is due to the nature of the fibers that are stained in a certain direction, and the expansion of the fibers is more easily.Please wait for some time to be vaporized over a certain period of time, so please wait for the water to be extracted naturally (as it becomes more difficult to evaporate as it becomes a form of a single membrane) without any cream or other creams.
  • It is stained by a basic dye, and in particular, the base is intended to facilitate the photocatalytic reaction by nitrogen and ultraviolet radiation in the air.Please note that the direct sunlight and its equivalent light source will be left unchecked for a long time.
  • The part of meat, which is the back side of the surface of the skin (silver), has been scraped out and processed.Pin holes are unavoidable due to the presence of a code van layer near the root of the blanded root.Code Van Enjoy your own air of flavor.
  • We're trying to reproduce the product as much as we can, but we have the ability to monitor and monitor your computer environmentIn some cases, there may be differences in the color of the colors.Please accept.

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