While experiencing the encounter with the "bag of destiny", I started to have this feeling.



"I want to blow a free breeze into the Japanese fashion industry."



Decided to establish the company at the age of 27.


Kazuhisa, who had a strong desire to "establish the American pioneering spirit in Japan", also thought of a name that projected that feeling to the company name.
"Brooklyn, Inc." was born after taking the place name of Brooklyn, where many fledgling designers and artists lived in New York.

When it was first launched, it started as a wholesaler of fashion products.
Eventually, we developed our own brand, planned and produced small items such as socks, and handled all fashion accessories such as ties and leather belts.

“High quality is essential for adults to use.”

Commitment to quality
Kazuhisa, who was stronger than anyone, carefully selected all kinds of materials from all over the world, from socks to thread fibers, belts and small items from leather to finished leather, and began manufacturing.

Everything was a rigorous founding from scratch, but the joy of creating what I want and what I want was the driving force, and I worked hard while I was asleep.

At times, I went to various places in Japan to find skilled craftsmen.
Sometimes, I went to Italy to study manufacturing.
Sometimes, I went to America to study business.

At that time, as I learned various things in the countries I visited, the contact with art healed my mind, and I was particularly drawn to Andy Warhol's colorful and graphical world.

Let me say what I usually see casually.
It is an exciting color creation that gives energy to what you see.

I was impressed by Andy Warhol's color illusion and began to collect them one after another, and I was fascinated by "Pop Artism".

Meanwhile, I had a question.

"Overseas, I've seen various "colors" and felt the richness of individuality, but why don't I see colors so much in Japan..."

At that time, many fashion accessories I saw in Japan were monotone, and leather products were all black and brown.
Every day and every day, I continued to ask myself what I used to take for granted, "something is different."
One day, with the shock of lightning running all over my body, I thought this way.

“Yes! Japanese should enjoy more colors, just like art!
You can feel positive just by carrying your favorite color.
Being positive changes the behavior of the day.
If behavior changes, life changes--
This feeling of personality being formed by one's possession is a wonderful experience like when I met that fateful bag! "

Japan at that time tended to be worried that it would look like a child by having colorful things.

"If it's a bad product, it may look bad, but if it's of good quality, you should be able to enjoy "quality and color" with dignity!"

Kazuhisa was convinced so.

Adults play seriously with colors full of energy.
Express yourself with selected high-quality materials suitable for "serious play".
That "expression" surely enriches life.

This is how the Brooklyn Museum's original “color illusion” was born.

Chapter 4

"Change from a manufacturer. A feeling for a directly managed store."