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[Table] Paraffin canvas (cotton)
[Handle] Yamato (cowhide)
[Help wind] Smooth leather (cowhide)


Khaki x natural


Vertical 38 x Horizontal above 26.5 × Machi 15
Handle inner circumference 40 (unit: cm)



country of origin



The material is advanced canvas paraffin No. 9. It is a very difficult fabric to weave and dye because it is high density in canvas.
Highly specialized sewing machines and craftsmanship are the key, and especially advanced canvas is more independent than normal No. 9 canvas.

Because the dedicated solid paraffin is dissolved by dissolving the dough with heat, it is highly waterproof, so it is highly waterproof.A sense of tension with a core in the fabric itself, and a feeling of use (commonly known as a chalk mark) as a chalk as you use it. It is a canvas that can enjoy aging such as chalk mark.

It is a simple rectangular bag, but the opening part is large, and the gusset is designed to be a U type.
The handle is made of original leather Yamato. It is finished in an adult tote so that the bag body does not become too tight.

The good thing about this bag is to eliminate the so -called "THE Machi", so thin and tight when the contents are small.
If the contents increase, the U -type gusset corresponds to the wide, so it can be adapted to large capacity.

For everyday use, you can carry a notebook PC, A4 notebook, pen case, etc. and carry it tightly, or use it as an eco bag.
In the outdoors, you can put camping tools, pack food, and even in tough environments.
I am happy according to the lifestyle of the userIt is a bag with capacity.


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