[Gloss Cordovan]
Smart coin case
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Smart and compact coin case.
The minimum and the size of the coin can be stocked about. Because small change stands and it settles, it is smart without putting it at the time of payment. Because the thickness does not come out when small change is few, the school which does not use the sect which uses small change is a coin case which can correspond enough.
Above all, the feeling of size that just fits the coin pocket is the best. Because it matches any lifestyle, it is the perfect item for a present.

Leather [Gloss Cordovan]

Cordovan named after the thing swelled in the Cordoba region of Spain. It is a leather consisting of a special fiber which stands in the forest with super-dense, called "Cordovan layer" which can be caught only in the hips of the farming horse. It is said, ?s rarity which cannot be seen in any other leather ?t, and it is possible to catch only one farming horse only from one farming horse.
The point that is clearly different from normal leather is that the back side of the skin is used as the main. By smoothing the back side that is not flat originally, we have applied a special processing that can be used as a surface. This technology is not something that any tanner can do, but is acquired only by a very limited number of tanners worldwide.

The process of carefully shaving the "Cordovan layer" between the front and back of the leather is so delicate that if you make a mistake, you can't call it "Cordovan", and it is created by the skill of an outstanding craftsman. This process is also called a "leather diamond" because it is similar to the mining of jewelry.In recent years, the number of stores handling in Europe has increased, and the number of leather that can be imported into Japan has decreased. Its rarity is increasing year by year.
The Brooklyn Cordovan has the characteristic of having a supple strength and firmness by soaking more oil than a typical Cordovan.
There is no base out even if the wound sticks to someextent, and a peculiar dull shine increases by passing from years, and it becomes strong in friction and water as i use it, and a Cordovan with the charm to become familiar with the hand.
It can be said that it is valuable leather which can become a thing for the life because it has the strength twice as much as cowhide.


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[Table] Gloss Cordovan (Horse Leather)
[Interior] Yamato (Cowhide)


[Table] Burgundy
[Interior, Stitch] Yellow


4.5 x 8.2 (units:cm)

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