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Leather Working Group

high standards of environmental and social compliance
Organizations that review the impact on environmental protection and community conservation activities in accordance with international standards
LWG (Leather Working Group).

Related to leather
made up of brands, tanners, drug manufacturers
now, as a global standard
We have obtained the certification leading the luxury brand.

LWG (Leather Working Group) is an organization that complies with high environmental and social compliance standards and examines the impact on environmental protection and local conservation activities in accordance with international standards.

It consists of leather・related brands, tanners, and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and is now certified as a global standard, led by luxury brands.

565 companies

Number of LWG certified tanners worldwide.
Among the tens of thousands of tanner companies, only companies that have passed the examination of all items such as energy and water usage, waste management, and scrutiny in the working environment can be obtained.Therefore, in the first examination, a strict examination is made, which is said to be 90% rejected.

12.1 billion liters

The average amount of water that LWG certified tanners and manufacturers in the world reduce each year.
LWG certified tanner accounts for about 23% of the world's leather production.The amount of leather is about 3.9 billion ft2.It continues to be reduced daily due to various capital investment and environmental considerations.

1 company

Tanner (Prosperity Leather Factory) is the only company in Japan that has received LWG certification.
Until it was certified in 2018, the company realized sustainable leather delivery after 2 years, including full replacement of equipment, replacement of drugs, and optimization of staffing through data management of work processes.

Flourishing Leather Industry

[ Hyogo - Japan ]

Flourishing Leather Industry

[ Hyogo - Japan ]

2018 year 11, acquired LWG certification for the first time in Japan.Since its establishment in 1928, it has been making leather consistently for more than 90 years.
The entire production system, from raw skin procurement to finishing, has been established, and the production recipe has been completely data.We invite engineers from Italy 4-5 times a year, and the finish that matches the world trend with the skilled technology of Japan is attractive.

The Brooklyn Museum's "Persimmon tannin dyeing" is a leather that was revived by an encounter with the company.
It is a leather to be proud of to the world that the technology of the tanner which is considered to be the maximum environment and the traditional technique that has been passed down from thousands of years ago is beautifully expressed.

Leather to return to the soil

Persimmon tannin dyeing

All Made in Japan Leather


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