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Persimmon astringent dyeing

Persimmon astringent dyeingKakishibu

A color in which orange and brown are in harmony.
, which has a grainy look on leather, is also called “sun dyeing”.

The source of the dye is persimmon astringent, which is obtained by squeezing the unripe fruit of astringent persimmon that was harvested while it was still blue and fermented and aged.
We will use all of the skin and all of the leftovers and carefully age it like wine to age it.

The persimmon astringent dyed leather at the Brooklyn Museum is
Rather than immersing the leather as it is in the persimmon liquid, select a method to apply it over and over again with the brush of the palm.

The pattern that looks like wood grain is expressed by handed down craftsmanship.

In that process, persimmon shibu (fermented squeezed persimmon juice) is applied to Nume leather one by one with a "brush", and the work of exposing to sunlight is repeated 7 to 8 times.
The number of times to dye is adjusted according to the condition of the hide and the temperature and humidity of the day of dyeing.
By carefully repeating this process, the shades of the brushed eyes become a pattern, creating a unique brown "Japan Brown" in Japan.

Because it is applied over and over by hand, it is finished in leather that cannot be the same as two, with different expressions.
That is the true charm of persimmon astringent dyeing, and you can enjoy each product as a single item.

Because it is natural, the shade and density change depending on the season, and the straight and beautiful brush eyes are the creations by craftsmen who have been cultivated for decades.

Thin, soft and dyed,
Change the expression in the sunlight,
It will grow into a strong and gentle material.

The dye that has been used in Japanese life for 1000 years has become a "product that returns to the soil" when I met Japan Leather finished with full vegetable tannin.

It's tannin tanning, so it'll be firm to begin with, but every time you use it, you'll get used to it.
Use it to deepen the color and spice up a new story.


We recommend Coronil 1909 Supreme Leather Lotion.

First, remove invisible dust and dirt by brushing, then apply a small amount of lotion to a soft cloth and apply it evenly to the leather product.

After applying, brush to remove excess cream and apply gloss.

Wipe dry with leather gloves to finish.
After application, if you want to remove dust and fingerprints that have adhered, wipe gently with a soft cloth.
At this time, be careful not to wipe it too hard as it may remove oil from the leather.
The frequency of maintenance depends on the condition, but please do once a year as a guide.

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  • The appearance of the brush eyes (pattern) differs, and the shade of the color may differ depending on the condition of the raw leather and the time of dyeing.It will come out, but please enjoy it with the individuality of leather.
  • The leather surface may have small scratches, uneven coloring, rubbing, tigers (natural wrinkles of animals), but please understand that it is a characteristic of natural materials.
  • We try to reproduce the actual product image as much as possible, but there may be differences in the appearance of colors depending on the monitor and PC environment in use. Please understand in advance.