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Frenchof Kaff

Frenchof KaffFrench Calf

It is the most elegable leather carve in the middle of the cow's cowhate.
In order to use the leather of a calf around one year after birth, the wounds of the bark are not from the original, and the beauty of the calf is attractive.

The Brooklyn Museum is the representative material of the Brooklyn Museum, which is used for a long time to withstand a piece of leather, which can withstand a long period of use, and the sofness of the hands, and the soft, soft, lazy piece of music.

The reason for finishing the chrome-off is to leave the flexibility and the light of the original calf intact.The skin of the leather is tightened by dyeing into the leather, and then on the surface of the leather, and then the surface of the leather will be tightened.

This effect is endless and difficult to get, and it is difficult to type and it is difficult to dye water, so if you wipe it up and wipe it up, you will finish it with a leather that doesn't have any.
Furthermore, the tone of the color is slowly glossy, and the change in the year of the expression, which shows a facial expression, is also a charm of French kaff.It is ideal for people who want to enjoy a more vivid color and enjoy the most vivid colors.

The Brooklyn Museum has a separate note as the original color > < Brooklyn Museum, utilizing the quality of the leather for "Brooklyn Museum color".
From many colors, the width of the coordination is likely to be much wider by making the leather small matter which is produced by the user.
` ` From business to casual, leather with a variety of facial expressions. '
That's the characteristic of French carves.


Don't basically put the cream on the French carves, and dry them with a leathergrove, basically.

When you use your usual use, you can fill it with the oil that comes out of the natural gas.

If you care about a leather casket or solidities, you can take a small amount of a piece of coronil, 1909, and apply it to a piece of soft cloth, and paint it to draw a circle.
(*Please note that excessive spread of oil is caused by a large amount of oil that can hurt leather.)

For French calf bags, it is recommended that the Columbia-1909 Spram Protect spray is recommended.

Please drop the hokoli and filthy cloth with a soft cloth or brush.
Please pretend to the container, make the guzzle level horizontally, and take about 20 to 30 cm apart, and spray twice the surface of the surface (Mean 4 seconds 4) to the slightly damp surface.
The frequency of care depends on the situation, but please take a look at once every two to three months.


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List of Brooklyn care items


List of Brooklyn care items


  • The water is hard to dye and the water is relatively strong, but a large amount of water can cause leather to be damaged.
    If it contains a lot of moisture, such as rain, dry it with a soft cloth and shade the dried fish.
    Please refrain from making dried methods such as dryer, because it leads to the damage to leather.
  • There are cases where one sheet of dyeing is different depending on the time at which leather is dyed or the individual difference in the raw skins.Please enjoy the individuality of leather.
  • Please be aware that excessive friction may have a color shift.
  • We're trying to reproduce the product as much as we can, but we have the ability to monitor and monitor your computer environmentIn some cases, there may be differences in the color of the colors.Please accept.