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French calf

French calfFrench Calf

Brooklyn Museum's French calf uses two types of leather for each item.

The noblessor calf of the German prestigious tanner is used for leather accessories.
It is a leather finished by a tanner with over 150 years of history and a number of achievements in Germany, the birthplace of chrome tanned, and moderately firm and beautiful shadows enhance the elegance when you get items.

It is worth noting the richness of the coloring. And the point is that you can enjoy the color for many years. A firm calf is hard to lose shape, and it has a soft texture by using it.
In addition, the global luxury brand is highly evaluated because the finished embossing is resistant to scratches and dirt and fits any lifestyle.
In addition to the beauty of coloring, we continue to refine top -class technology in quality retention and environmental consideration.

Wine highmer's word logs are used for bags. Germany is one of the world's best tanners, and has been regrettable in recent years and has ended its history.

A soft texture that feels as an aura with the moderate stiffness unique to calf, the fine elasticity of fiber, and the careful finish of the tanner as an aura. I came to this leather in search of a body that touched the skin and fits supple.
Finished with scratches, dirt and water. Every time you get it, the high -sense appearance expands the coordination range.

In Germany, a developed country, it is a tanner that clarifies traceability and faces leather at a higher level.

French calf aging slowly increases the luster without changing the color, and shows a dignified look.
Therefore, the best leather for those who want to enjoy vivid colors longer.

While utilizing the quality of the leather, we are looking for a "Brooklyn Museum -like color", and also provides "original color notes> to each tanner.
Selection of leather accessories that produce themselves from many colors should greatly expand the width of the coordination.
"Leather with various facial expressions, matching every scene from business to casual"
That is the feature of French calf.

How to Care

Basically, do not apply cream to French calf accessories, but dry with leather gloves.

You can make up for the oil of the hand that comes out naturally when you usually use it.

In the unlikely event that the color of the leather or the hardness of the leather is concerned, remove the Colonil 1909 Supreme leather lotion in a very small cloth, apply it well in a soft cloth, and apply a circle.
( * Please be careful when applying too much because a large amount of oil can cause leather.)

For French calf bags, we recommend Colonil 1909 Supreme Protect Spray.

Drop dust or dirt with a soft cloth or brush.
Sprinkle the container well, horizontally, and spray it twice to the extent that the surface is lightly wet (4 seconds per 30cm square), about 20 to 30 mm away.
The frequency of care depends on the condition, but please go once every 2-3 months.


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Leather Care Products

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  • Water is hard to soak, and it is a relatively strong leather, but a large amount of water can damage leather.
    If it contains a lot of water due to rain, dry it with a soft cloth and dry it.
    Please refrain from drying with a dryer, etc., as it will lead to damage to leather.
  • Depending on the time of leather and individual differences in the raw skin, the way of entering each piece of dye may be different. Please enjoy the personality of leather and enjoy it.
  • Please note that excessive friction may be color transfer.
  • We try to reproduce the actual product as much as possible, but in your monitor and PC environment.Therefore, there may be differences in the appearance of the color. Please understand in advance.


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