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Gloss cordovan

Gloss cordovanGloss Cordovan

Cordovan is said to have been named because it was often made in the Cordoba region of Spain.
It is a special leather that is formed only from agricultural horses that have grown in an environment close to nature while being grazed, and can only be collected in the buttocks that are less than 20 % of the individuals.

A cordovan that says worldwide as "valuable leather that cannot be seen in any other leather".
For general cowhide, etc., the "surface" of the collected individuals (aspects that were touched with air)
While tanning and finishing, Cordovan makes the "back" of the individual smooth and specially processed as a surface.

It is necessary to take a completely different method from the normal production process, and that it is necessary to work on the raw skin that is difficult to obtain around the world with a stable quality. It is a allowed leather.

Furthermore, cowhide is a two -layer leather composed of surface leather called "silver surface (ginmen)" on a base called "floor (toco)". It is a single -layer leather only for the existing "cordovan layer".

The work of carefully scraping the raw skin and preparing the cordovan layer is very delicate and created by outstanding craftsmanship.
If you cut it a little deeper or scratch, one of them will not be a cordovan.
It is also called "leather diamond" because this elaborate and delicate work process resembles jewelry mining work.

BROOKLYN MUSEUM's gross cordovan is the only tanner that Japan is proud of among Code Vannners, which are said to have only two companies in the world.We purchase the raw skin from Shinki Ogawa (Himeji), and ask Redel Ogawa (Chiba) for shaving, dyeing and finishing.
By soaking plenty of oil from a typical cordovan, it is a finish that combines supple strength and firmness from the moment you get it.
Above all, the tag with Redel Ogawa, which is the best dyeing technology, makes it possible to express the "color creation" of BROOKLYN MUSEUM.

By taking a lot of time and effort, you can feel the unique dull shine increases over the years because of the matte finish.

Generally, Cordovan has a negative image such as "easily scratched" and "vulnerable to water". In the early use of the cordovan layer, the fibers are in the forest, so even with a small scratch, traces are noticeable, and that the water penetrates does not stay on the surface, and once it is sucked in, it is difficult to return to its original state.
However, by using it, the fiber gradually calms down and sleeps, so that the surface is tightened, and it becomes resistant to friction and water.
And it creates a unique texture that does not bother small scratches.

In recent years, the speed of mechanization in the agricultural industry has increased the decrease in agricultural horses, and there are fewer horses with solid cordovan layers.
It is a valuable leather that can be a lifetime, as the rare value is rising on a global scale and it is difficult to obtain high quality cordovan.

How to Care

We recommend Colonil 1909 Supreme Cream Deluxe.

First, remove dust or dirt that cannot be seen in brushing, then remove a small amount of cream on a soft cloth and apply it to leather products evenly.

After applying, brush it and remove excess cream and make it gloss.

Please wipe dry with leather gloves for finishing.
At this time, be careful not to wipe too much, as it may take away the oil of the leather.
The frequency of care depends on the condition, but please go once a year.

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  • It is easy to absorb moisture, and once more absorbed, it is difficult to restore it to the original state.This is because the fibers stand in a certain direction, so they are easy to soak and expand.Since it is possible to evaporate over a certain amount of time, in the unlikely event of it, please wait for the water to come off naturally without putting a cream or the like (because it becomes a single -piece membrane and it is less likely to evaporate).
  • It is dyed by basic dye, especially the base, which promotes photocatalytic reactions by nitrogen and ultraviolet rays in the air. Please note that if you leave it for a long time under direct sunlight and an equivalent light source, it will change.
  • The part of the meat on the back side of the front leather (silver surface) is processed out and processed.Pinhole (pores) is inevitable because there is a cordovan layer near the hair root. Please enjoy it as Cordvan's unique texture.
  • We try to reproduce the actual product as much as possible, but in your monitor and PC environment.Therefore, there may be differences in the appearance of the color. Please understand in advance.

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