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Gross cordovan

Gross cordovanGloss Cordovan

《Cord Van》, which is said to be named because it was made in many places in Cordoba, Spain.
This is a leather made of a special fiber called "Cordvan layer" that is formed only from farm horses that are grazing and raised in an environment close to nature, and that can be collected only from the bottom of less than 20% of the individual.

The Code Van is a world-class precious leather that cannot be seen in any other leather.
For general cowhide, the "surface" of the individual to be collected (the surface that was in contact with the air)
In contrast to tanning and finishing, CODEVAN smoothes the "back side" of the individual and specially processes it as the front side.

Only a very limited tanner can deal with the fact that we have to take a completely different method from the usual manufacturing process, and also to finish the raw leather that is difficult to obtain all over the world with stable quality. It is a permitted leather.

In addition, cowhide is a two-layer leather consisting of leather on the surface called "Ginmen" on a base called "Floor", whereas Cordova is between leather front and back. It is a single layer leather that exists only for the "Cord Van layer".

The work of carefully shaving the raw leather little by little and preparing the cordovan layer is very delicate, and is produced by the skill of an outstanding craftsman.
If you shave it a little deep or scratch it, that one piece will not be a Code Van.
This fine and delicate work process is also called "leather diamond" because it is similar to the mining operation of jewelry.

The Brooklyn Museum's "Gross Code Van" is the only Tanner that Japan is proud of, even though it is said that there are only two companies in the world.We purchase raw leather from Shinki Leather (Himeji), and then request it from Radel Ogawa (Chiba) for shaving, dyeing, and finishing.
By soaking in plenty of oil from a general cordovan, you can have a supple strength and firmness from the moment you pick it up.
Above all, it is possible to express the "color creation" of the Brooklyn Museum by the tag with Radel Ogawa, which is said to be the best dyeing technology.

With many steps and effort, the base does not appear even with some scratches, and because it is a matte finish, you can feel that the unique dull shine increases over the years.

In general, Code Vans have negative images such as "easy to be scratched" and "weak against water". Since the cordvan layer is in a state where the fibers are forested in the initial stage of use, traces are conspicuous even if scratched a little, and water penetrates without staying on the surface and once it is inhaled, it is difficult to recover.
However, when used for a long time, the fibers gradually settle down and become asleep, and the surface tightens, making it resistant to friction and water.
And it creates a unique texture that will not bother even small scratches.

In recent years, the speed of mechanization in the agricultural industry has increased, and the number of farm horses has decreased significantly.
It is a valuable leather that can be used for a lifetime as the scarcity value rises year by year and it becomes difficult to obtain high-quality Cordova.


Coronil 1909 Supreme Cream Deluxe is recommended.

First, remove invisible dust and dirt by brushing, and then apply a small amount of cream to a soft cloth and apply it evenly to leather products.

After applying, brush to remove excess cream and apply gloss.

Wipe dry with leather gloves to finish.
At this time, be careful not to wipe it too hard as it may remove oil from the leather.
The frequency of maintenance depends on the condition, but please do once a year as a guide.

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  • It absorbs water easily, and once absorbed, it will be difficult to restore it to its original state.This is due to the fact that the fibers stand in one direction, so they tend to soak in and expand further.Since it is possible to evaporate over a certain period of time, in the unlikely event that there is no cream or the like (because it forms a single film and it becomes difficult to evaporate), please wait for the water to drain naturally.
  • It is dyed with a basic dye. In particular, the base accelerates the photocatalytic reaction by nitrogen and ultraviolet rays in the air. Please note that the color will change if it is left for a long time in direct sunlight or a light source similar to it.
  • It is processed by carving out the meat part that is the back side of the surface leather (silver surface).Since there is a cordvan layer near the hair root, pinholes (pores) are unavoidable. Please enjoy it as a unique texture of Cordova.
  • Although we try to reproduce the actual product image as much as possible, it depends on your monitor and personal computer environment.Therefore, the appearance of colors may differ. Please understand in advance.