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Leather developed by Brooklyn Museum over two years.
The biggest feature is the benefits of the four seasons in Japan and the use of Japanese beef, which has been slowly raised by craftsmen.

"I want to be particular about doing it in Japan in all processes, from the ranch to tanning, tanning, dyeing, and finishing."

It is , which specializes in tannin tanning based on Nume leather in Tokyo for many years in Tokyo. Utilizing fine skin eyes and thin and delicate raw skin, it is finished in a smooth and smooth leather.

Tannin tanning is applied to prevent the texture of Japanese beef, and it is dyed by the processing method called "main dyeing".

Repeat the process of putting a little dye in the raw skin, drying the sun, adding a little dye again and drying the sun over and over again. It is carefully finished without regret.

A clear color and texture that can be expressed only by the main dyeing.
In order to faithfully reproduce the order color of BROOKLYN MUSEUM, the finished coloring is performed by hand.
With this finish, a deep aging is realized in a clear, and the color gradually changes deeper and deeply with the number of years of worn.

Performing a "tsuki" that is rarely done now is also an important key to talking about Yamato. In order to adjust the skin, smooth the surface with a spatula. By applying this work several times, it will be more beautiful and elegant leather.

"All Made -in -Japan" was handled by outstanding Japanese craftsmen, from cow breeding and raw skin to leather processing and products.

The process of finishing with the best quality takes a lot of time and time.
The high quality is recognized, and Yamato items select to the TOYOTA LEXUS lifestyle collection.
I'm leaving the world.

It is a world -class leather that has been realized because there are creators who have been willing to make a process that continued to be refused to say that various tanners were "too much time".

How Care

Basically, do not apply cream to French calf accessories, but dry with leather gloves.
You can make up for the oil of the hand that comes out naturally when you usually use it.
In the unlikely event that the color of the leather or the hardness of the leather is concerned, take the Colonil 1909 Supreme leather lotion in a very small cloth, apply it to a soft cloth well, and apply a circle.
( * Please be careful when applying too much because a large amount of oil can cause leather.)

We recommend Colonil 1909 Supreme Leather Lotion.
First, remove dust or dirt that is not visible in brushing, then remove a small lotion on a soft cloth and apply it to leather products evenly. After applying, brush it to remove excess cream and get gloss. After applying, lightly wipe with a soft cloth when removing the attached dust or fingerprint. At this time, be careful not to wipe too much, as it may take away the oil of the leather.
The frequency of care depends on the condition, but please go once a year.

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Leather Care Products
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  • There may be small scratches, uneven color, rubbing, tigers (animal original wrinkles) on the surface of the leather, but please understand as the characteristics of natural materials.
    • We try to reproduce the actual product as much as possible, but depending on your monitor or PC environment, there may be differences in the appearance of the color. Please understand in advance.

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