"Can I finish leather with natural dye?"

In 2003, the persimmon Shibu dyeing project started.

The era when mass production and mass consumption became popular around the world.
While the harmful effects of air pollution and water pollution began to be shown,

The days I kept asking.

"You should be able to make leather that can be used with more thoughts with natural things with no load in the environment."

In search of tanners who are good at plant dyeing and natural dyes, the leather completed after repeated prototypes with the suppliers is .

The wood grain -like pattern is a brush by hand -dyed.
Above all, this brush creation was difficult, and it became one and only in the industry.

The dye is a persimmon astringent that squeezes the immaturity of the astringent persimmon harvested while it is still blue.
Use everything, such as skin and stake, and aged over the years like wine.

BROOKLYN MUSEUM persimmon astringent dyed leather
Instead of pickling leather to the persimmon astringent liquid, the pattern that looks like a wood grain is expressed in the handy brush with the inherited craftsmanship.

The process is to apply a persimmon astringent (a fermented squeezed solution of astringent persimmon) with a "brush" on the nume leather and repeats the work of hitting the sunlight. The number of times to be dyed is determined and adjusted depending on the condition of the raw skin, the temperature and humidity of the dyeing date.
By carefully repeating this work, the shades of the brush are designed, creating a unique brown "Japan Brown".

In order to apply it by hand, it is finished in a leather that cannot do the same thing as two with different expressions. That is the real pleasure of persimmon astringent dyeing, and each product can be enjoyed as one point.
The aging, which left the brush, and the aging, which changes deeply, also fascinated many leather lovers.

However, the tanner, which had been supported from the beginning, was out of business due to a shortage of successors. Brooklyn Museum took over all persimmon astringent dyed leather in the tanner, but it was a matter of time to use up.

"I can't afford to eliminate persimmon dyeing."

Kaki -Shibu dyed not only in Japan but also overseas, as well as traditional techniques.
There was no tanner that could reproduce this brush somehow, and we continued to contact various tanner suppliers, but the days were just passionate.

At that time, I met the prosperous leather industrial office.
The only tanner in Japan has been certified as LWG (Leather Working Group).

Those who love leather have repeatedly discussed, passionate about their skills, and finally reached their resurrection.
Leather that can be returned to the soil by creating dyes, tanning, and finishing chemicals until the finish.

Color in harmony between orange and brown.
The , which reflects the expression like a wood grain in the leather, has been called "dyeing the sun".

Light, soft, dyed
Change the expression with the sunlight,
Grow into a strong and gentle material.

Craftsmanship and pride.
It is a leather that attracts the world.


We recommend Colonil 1909 Supreme Leather Lotion.
First, remove dust or dirt that is not visible in brushing, then remove a small lotion on a soft cloth and apply it to leather products evenly. After applying, brush it to remove excess cream and get gloss. After applying, lightly wipe with a soft cloth when removing the attached dust or fingerprint. At this time, be careful not to wipe too much, as it may take away the oil of the leather.
The frequency of care depends on the condition, but please go once a year.



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Leather Care Products
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  • The color of the brush (pattern) is different, depending on the condition of the raw skin, and the time of dyeing, the shade of the color is different.It comes out, but please enjoy it as the personality of leather.
  • There may be small scratches, uneven color, rubbing, tigers (animal original wrinkles) on the surface of the leather, but please understand as the characteristics of natural materials.
  • We try to reproduce the actual product as much as possible, but depending on your monitor or PC environment, there may be differences in the appearance of the color. Please understand in advance.



The unique material