Incorporating"quality"and"art-like playfulness," Brooklyn's products have caught the eye of a range of buyers, including SHIPS, BEAMS, UNITED ARROES and BAYCREW, which pioneered select Japanese stores in the 1980s.

"I've been buying these knits and pants for this business trip," he said.So, make a sock that fits this.」
"I think it's a great opportunity for us," he said.

It's a way of bringing in the essence from overseas、
"We are going to make delicate things that are unique to Japan.”
We talk to each other, we make, we learn, we sell, we see the reaction, we start over.

These experiences, which we have been working on together, have become irreplaceable treasures.

It was around 2000 that the turning point came to BROOKLYN, which was working on the items of Japan's leading select shop.
Fast fashion is in vogue,mass production dominates the market.
Prices have collapsed, and a wave of low-price bands has surged at once.

We do not lose in such a wave, we do not compromise on materials, and we go to the sales destination.
However, the reality is heartless, a continuous day-to-day that does not understand the feelings.

"If it's not cheap, it won't sell," he said.」
"Even if the material is good, the price is good.」
"Things are certainly good," he said.But it's expensive.」
The words heard from the sales destination were harsh words.

Even so, I did not withdraw immediately, and I tried my heart and soul to try to tell it again at the next business meeting.
However, the number of business partners who understood it was noticeably decreasing.

In order to keep costs down, the company was forced to move production overseas.

"What we want to do is really what we want to do," he said.
Is it really for the customer to drop the material and quality?」

It's been a long time since I've had to ask myself again.

After all the Troubles, we decided to make the good things that we think about and tell the good things ourselves.

"From now on, the age of disposable is over.
I want to connect the future with limited resources.」

Opened a direct store in Aoyama, Tokyo in 2002.
It was a big gamble to sway the company's fortunes.

The brand name [BROOKLYN MUSEUM]was given to the customers who visited the shop because they wanted us to feel a sense of fulfillment like coming to an art museum.

Start from a small space with only 3 square feet of office space.
Although it was a hard day while the wholesaler business continued, There was no more joy than being able to make a product that was devoted to it, and there was a sense of fulfillment.

Although the management is not smooth, we talk directly with our customers and Share our thoughts at the moment.
It was the most encouraging smile of the customer.

Before long, the quality and beauty of the details were highly appreciated overseas, and the world・famous shops such as England's select shops"Browns"and Italy's"PELLUX"in Milan came to be heard.
Exhibiting at the"82MIPEL", a small leather goods exhibition in Milan, Italy, as a stepping stone to overseas expansion.It was the first time that an exhibitor had seen a product displayed by PELLUX.

With this in mind,"LIBERTY", a long・established department store in London, began to be handled, and since then it has been introduced in the United States, and the Brooklyn Museum has become recognized worldwide.

Chapter five

"It's a good thing," he said.」