After he leaves home, Kazuhisa begins to look for a job.


With a strong desire to learn more about the culture and history of clothing, I visited various fashion-related companies.

While some companies are paying in advance, they start working for small apparel companies that handle fashion accessories such as socks and belts.


Kazuhisa immediately got a sales position after joining the company.


From morning till night, I continued to accompany the president.

It's the first time I've seen everything I see.

My heart was thinging, and I wrote down important things in my notebook, and I learned by imitating the way they looked.


Although it was a small company, the president, who generously teaches me many things, has a passion for working with warm feelings.

I felt "work" more deeply, and the heat for fashion accelerated day by day.

On the other hand, every day there are no results.
"I'm conveying so much enthusiasm, why..."
It was a setback that I felt for the first time.

One night.
The president, who was watching Waku up close, said this as soon as he returned from the sales office.

"One thing will change your life. 」

Kazuhisa couldn't hide his bewilderment at the sudden words.
The president handed the bag on the spot.

It's a fine trunk case.

At that time, personal computers were not yet popular.
It was designed to allow you to quickly take out the props you need at your sales office, such as documents, pen cases, measures, and samples, and give presentations immediately.
In addition, I understood that it is a bag that can store simple change of clothes and business trip items well, and can cover a wide range of business scenes.

The trunk case offered by the president was 150,000 yen at the price at that time.
Waku's salary, which has just joined the company, is 28,000 yen.

The life which had just been out of the house was painful, and I was puzzled in front of the article which I could not get at all.

"Is it such a big deal to change your life with just one thing? 」

In addition, the president says:

"There is learning only in what you have lost. You can find your beliefs in that learning."


Kazuhisa, who had a strong spirit of inquiry, wanted to know frankly what that learning was.

And, "It is not possible to deal with the desire of the president who teaches various things wickedly".

Because of that strong desire, I felt like jumping off the stage in Shimizu, and I got about seven times as much coffee as I paid on a monthly basis.

One year after I started using the bag.
I felt that the sales results were growing little by little.

By wearing one "good thing",
What jacket does this bag fit?
The belt that go with this bag.
What shoes go well with this bag?
What's the watch that's on this bag?

By wearing one good thing, Kazuhisa began to pay attention to other things, mainly in itself.
"Learning" is born by examining the background of things one by one.
I was fascinated by the joy of learning and the chain of people enjoying coordination.

"Well, that's what I'm talking about. 」

This trunk case is properly assumed to be the person who uses it.



For what.


It is said that the design necessary for those purposes is thought out and it is born.

What I've beenn't good enough for.

I noticed that I was just looking at the design from the point of view of being cool and popular, and Kazuhisa thought that he had touched the core of "making things" a little.

There is a "background" in making things.

And, it is said that there is a "principle principle" according to the background.

A year ago, Kazuhisa had doubts about the president's words, but that idea changed 180 degrees.
"Life changes with just one thing"
That feeling was like a personality being formed.

It brought us richness.
Encounter with one bag.

It was a fateful encounter.

Chapter 3

A new wind in Japan。」