The target is
0 to 100 years old

It is a byproduct of what lives on the earth.

Meat as a culture where people all over the world have a close relationship.
(ii) The skin as a secondary industrial product.

There are a lot of artisans for the sake of richer, without disposing of them, for the richer creative.

And, sometimes, Leather Calcher is also a problem in a world that is a savagy.

Don't "stop something," but think about what the logical thing can do now.
That's why we take care of our limited resources.
I will tell you how to choose and tell them how to choose.
We are going to build a new framework from there.
We will continue to build a culture of love.

Reza Value that targets BROOKLYN MUSEUM from 0 to 100 years old.

From parent to child, further to child.
We aim to have a product that is passed down to more generations by culture.