Aging story

In firm luster and depth,
Aging to convey until sensitivity and consciousness.

A new thing does not have it,
A stain and scratch, the change of the color.

I spin the future,
I introduce an aging story.

Indigo dyeing crocodile

AGING TIMES : 5years

"I only look at the changing hue",
I am charmed even if I do say so myself. 」

It was embezzled more than five years
It was added to a card case, a coin case
A snap mini-wallet.

ならではの of woman owner
The collection that cool elegance stands out.

I give stimulation in every day
It is the best partner.


AGING TIMES : 5years

Aging of the olive brown
The notebook cover which gives off astringent juice めの aura.

It is a job change from the next month
Owner faced to the new world.

"Like it very much",
The reputation from the circumference is good, too

The fellow who cared well,
I hit the brightness that I had of depth more.

Persimmon juice dyeing / indigo dyeing

6years / 2years

The binder of the persimmon juice dyeing for six years,
The indigo dyeing L zip long wallet is two years.
The screw pork which kept on being particular each.

Because seasons of the errand beginning are different,
The aging has each expression.

"The timing when I bought it one by one"
I can remember it clearly─
Attachment is such a thing. 」

In the knot turning point, it is a reward to oneself.
As for the next, what kind of item is collected?
We staff is a pleasure, too

French calf

AGING TIMES : 3〜7years

While "matching the color tone ,"
At that time, I purchase the color that I want.
The one is fun. 」

It is full of color variations
The select that is 通.

With luster not to let you feel a difference of time,
The structure that I was familiar with moderately is attractive.

The amusement of color coordinates
It is leather to be able to tell.

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