Use, touch, breathe

The Aging Story

With unwavering gloss and depth,
Aging that conveys sensitivity and consciousness.

Not in a new one,
Dirty, scratches, changes in color.

Spin the future,
Introducing Aging Story.

Indigo dyed crocodile

Aging Times: 5years

"Just looking at the changing colors
I fall in love with me. "

Used for more than 5 years
Added to card case and coin case
Snap mini wallet.

Only for female owners
A collection that stands out for cool elegance.

It stimulates every day
Best partner.


Aging Times: 5years

Olive brown aging
A notebook cover that emits a astringent aura.

Job change from the next month
The owner heading to the new world.

"I really like it,
The reputation from around is also good. "

The buddy who took care is
It was a deeper shine.

Persimmon dyeing / indigo dyed

Aging Times:
6years / 2years

The binder of persimmon astringent dyeing is 6 years
Ai dye L zip long wallet has been 2 years.
Each of them is a bespoke that has been carefully selected.

Because the season to use is different,
Aging also has its own expression.

"The timing you bought one by one
I can remember clearly ─
This is what I love. "

A reward for yourself at the milestone.
Next, what items will be collected,
We are looking forward to our staff

French calf

Agging Times: 3-7years

"While matching the color tone
At that time, I buy the color I want.
That is more fun. "

Rich color variations
Brooklyn Museum unique
Passing select.

Gloss that does not make you feel the difference of years,
The moderately familiar texture is attractive.

Enjoy color coordination
It is a leather to teach.

Our SDGs

Beautiful, protect

Sustainable leather