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off white

Outdoor Probate Birth Story

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In the camp or the living room

[Development secret story]

From the experience of losing the pegs, a peg storage pocket.
The soil at the tip of the pegs is made so that it comes out from the bottom.

Because it is a large frontage specification that is easy to put, packing your favorite gear and packing BBQ ingredients.

The handle can be adjusted to two steps. We also considered functional aspects that can be a shoulder.
The shoulder adjustment is made with a driver or a 10 -yen coin. The richness of enjoying the effort was "play".

In addition, the handle is movable, so that it can be defeated up and down.
The invisible handle makes it a design that can be a product with a high degree of freedom.

When I was making a sample, a female customer who came to the main store said, "I want to put a knitting rod in the peg and make it a knitting bag!"
I think it would be diverse and interesting if you could use it as a bag to enjoy your hobby.

"I'm excited to imagine" such an attractive bag has been completed.



that clears environmental and social compliance on a high standard and examines the impact on environmental protection and regional conservation activities on international standards. LWG authentication that is composed of brands, tanners, and drug manufacturers related to leather, and can only be obtained by companies that have passed all items such as energy, water used, waste management, and working environment.
It is now acquiring a certification as a global standard as a luxury brand.

The only LWG authentication in Japan and [Sustena Leather] was developed and [Sustena Leather] developed.
We succeeded in expressing soft glossy, different from smooth cowhide, to express a soft gloss that is different from smooth.


Fujin Kinme, a canvas used for the body, is a Japanese canvas brand that has been working on tradition since its establishment in 1948 since its establishment in 1948.
While valuing the JAPAN quality, the quality is that the textiles that are carefully selected not only in Japan but also from all over the world are produced as "MADE by Fujin Kinme".
Even if you treat it a little rough, it has a toughness that the aging is oozing out of each lifestyle.
Fuji Gold Ume and Sustainable Leather, two JAPAN quality.
A product with tough tags was born.



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[Table] Canvas (cotton) / Sostena leather (cowhide)


Off -white x black


Vertical 28.5 x bottom diameter 18.5
Handle inner circumference 40-53 (unit: cm)



country of origin


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