[Ai dyed crocodile]
Half L zip wallet

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I want to wear items that keep the "adult mood" in the compact and minimal words. The Brooklyn Museum proposes a mast to express a simple style and usability.
When you open the zip, you can see the open -top coin pocket. It opens wide and can be seen inside, so it is smooth to put coins in and out. By dare to make the card slit into two steps, the card storage was maximized. The main card is stored in the slit, and the subcard is put together in the side compartment. If it is a plastic card, it is possible to put about 10 cards. Put the banknotes so that they can be attached to the coin pocket and make full use of the space. The standard style that satisfies everything has been completed.


About indigo dyed crocodile


Part number



[Table] Indigo dyed crocodile (crocodile leather)
[Machi table] Yamato (cowhide)
[Interior] Original soft leather (cowhide)


[Table] Blue
[Machi table / interior / stitching] Yellow


Vertical 9 x horizontal 10 (unit: cm)

country of origin


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