[Shrink leather]
Tassel mini -shoulder
color: Black x Tope
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Light gray


Dark green




"Universal Daily Mini Bag" that I want to continue to love

A talented group with must -have items such as mini wallet, key case, roll fragrance, lip, and handkerchief.
Then, the mask storage pocket is designed on the back of the Kabuse.
In addition, the smartphone goes to the pocket on the back of the bag.
Because it is a point along the body, the incoming call is easy to notice, and the moment you want to take a picture, you can take it out smoothly, and the "cheerful detail" is attractive.

Even if you enter this much, the form does not change, and the beauty that is familiar by using it.
"I want to keep loving over my years" timeless bag.


Italian shrink leather. It is selected from the largest tanner of Italy, which has many recruitment even for famous Maison brands.

By finishing the thickness with a firm thickness with a chrome tanning, the leather with a plump, plump softness is excellent, and the scratches are almost inconspicuous.

Water is hard to soak, so you can carry it without worrying about rainy days.


Part number



[Table] Shrink leather (cowhide)
[Interior] Nylon


[Table] Black Tope
[Interior] Black


Body: 14 x 17 x gusset 5
Shoulder: Width 1.5/Length 106-116 (unit: cm)
Weight: 310g

country of origin


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