[Shrink leather]
Square shoulder
color: Navy

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Not swept away by the times,
Standard beauty.

Two "faces" that stand out

The new ladies bag proposed by Brooklyn is a simple and standard square shoulder bag that does not get tired. By preparing two patterns of shoulder straps, you can create a different atmosphere for each situation.
If you want to decide in a more standard style and elegant style, have a thin strap. If you want to decide richly with a little edge, have a wide strap.

For thin straps, the main shrink leather is luxuriously used for the whole, and the wide straps have a color contrast with the back side and the base. You can enjoy styling depending on whether you bring a beautiful tablet in front or brought behind.

Stores the must -have items firmly

Not only is it nice to look good, but it is necessary to store items that you usually carry well, and that the shape is beautifully kept beautifully.
Not only the long wallet will be refreshed, but the inside is fully equipped with a zip type and an open -top type pocket inside, so you can store it by sorting a pass case, key case, and cosmetics. Even if you put a notebook or pen case that is indispensable in the business scene, it does not feel that there are many things, so you can hold it neatly, so it is compact, but you do not have to give up on items that are always carried.

Light leather bag

First of all, you will be surprised at the lightness.
The inside is luxuriously used by Brooklyn, created by Brooklyn, and the vivid contrast according to the main color looks beautiful. This soft leather is characterized by a soft texture and a transparent color, and has a durability that is less likely to spots even if you spill water.
With that in mind that it can be used for a long time, we make it "making" that maximizes the aesthetics of adults.

Leather [shrink leather]

Italian shrink leather. It is selected from the largest tanner of Italy, which has many recruitment even for famous Maison brands.

By finishing the thickness with a firm thickness with a chrome tanning, the leather with a plump, plump softness is excellent, and the scratches are almost inconspicuous.

Water is hard to soak, so you can carry it without worrying about rainy days.

Size / specifications

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[Table] Shrink leather (cowhide)
[Interior / Shoulder Taizuro] Original soft leather (cowhide)


[Table] Navy
[Interior / Shoulder Taizuro] Sachs Blue
[Stitch] Turquoise


Vertical 15 x width 23 x gusset 5.5
Shoulder: Width 3.5/Length 90.5-102.5
Tassel: Ringed total length 22 (unit: cm)



country of origin


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