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Aesthetics of "subtraction".

Brooklyn Museum backpack.

Making things that understand the essence

Adults who have experienced both sour and sweet chosen. It is not "dressed" but "understanding the essence". Remove what you need and leave only what you really want. And the details are particular about the details, and do not work on the expression of absolute quality.

Designed to enhance the suit even smarter, assuming that it is used in the business scene. We seek "elegant" and "cleanliness", and cool out the coordinates so that the zipper cannot be seen from anywhere. A backpack that can only be used by "subtraction" for adults who have graduated from decorating. This is what the Brooklyn Museum should be proud of.

"Rich" by the side

First of all, the most important thing was the material. When considering the practicality of the backpack, the lightness of the body is absolute, and the ease of use as a material is an indispensable point. Although it was decided to select the fabric to the main material naturally, it was a mismatch for the quality that the Brooklyn Museum wanted to express only lightness.
While there are various fabrics around the world, "gloss" is indispensable to express the margin of adults. The nylon fabric was the nylon fabric, looking for a material that also combined "durability = high density" to master daily use. Special processing has been applied to the fabric to create a "woven" material like a wave while leaving a sense of firmness. moreover,The French Calf, which is also an iconic material of the Brooklyn Museum, is used everywhere. It is a material tag that allows you to enjoy a rich expression as well as functional aspects with excellent waterproof and antifouling properties. You can carry the "richness" of adults, even the back of the back.

There is a reason for that design

The reason for square the shape of this backpack is not only expressing sharpness and cleanliness, but also horns such as PCs, documents, business books, etc., and the smartness when taking out quickly is outstanding. The gusset width was 12.5cm, and the stability when placed at the feet was very high, so we pursued a design that would be a picture even if you cut out anywhere on the go or at the time of business negotiations.

Make a high degree of freedom

The main storage room is a large pocket on the back of the interior that can store gadgets such as PCs neatly. On the front is a long wallet, two -fold wallet, a pen case and a smartphone.
No more detailed storage is provided, and it can store clothes and pouches and porches during business trips, such as magazines, mugs, mufflers and gloves. It is designed in a large storage room with a high degree of freedom, which can handle any scene, rather than simply assuming that you can only use daily.

Pocket depth

The storage of the table is set for two rooms.
The upper pocket is <A5 size notebook cover>It is also set to the depth that also enters. Especially when on a business trip, the Brooklyn Museum <passport case>Not only can you store, but you can create a comfortable business trip by packing and bringing items to enjoy the inside of the cabin. The lower pocket is a long wallet with plenty of size.Round zip long wallet〉 A smart gusset type that calculates that it will be neat and takes a lot of effort to finish the leather.
In each pocket, the front view is carefully sewn so that the zipper cannot be seen, and a design does not break a simple expression.


While there are various nylons all over the world, the fabric has been specially processed to create a “wavy” material like a wave and develops its own nylon.
This rich fabric is a material that fulfills "durability = high density", waterproof and antifouling to master daily use.
Waterproofing is essential in today when the weather changes remarkably. By drawing a thin cotton material to the lining that is invisible to the product as well as the surface water repellency, the elasticity is enhanced and the water is difficult to soak it. The beautiful texture that has been carefully twisted is finished into a material that makes you want to touch it.


Nobressa calf of German prestigious tanner .
It is a leather finished by a tanner with over 150 years of history and a number of achievements in Germany, the birthplace of chrome tanned, and moderately firm and beautiful shadows enhance the elegance when you get items.
The global luxury brand is highly evaluated because the finish is resistant to scratches and dirt and fits any lifestyle.
In addition to the beauty of coloring, we continue to refine top -class technology in quality retention and environmental consideration.


Part number



[Table] Rich (nylon), French calf (cowhide)

[Interior] Canvas

[Interior pocket/helicopter part] French calf (cowhide)


[Table] Navy
[Interior] Red
[Stitch] Turquoise Blue


42 x 30 x gusset 12.5 / shoulder 55 ~ 90
Handle inner circumference 14 (unit: cm)



country of origin


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