One shoulder backpack
color: Navy

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A one -shoulderer backpack with a combination of leather and nylon creates a beautiful silhouette.

The main room is a space where gadgets such as PCs and tablets and long wallets are relaxed. There is a pocket inside the inside that can store smartphones and pass cases, so you can also clean up detailed items.
In the side pocket, small items such as mini wallets and key cases. The pocket that can be accessed immediately enhances the smartness.

The point of ease of use is that the all -leather strap is attached from the front of the body to the back. By holding a belt, it is designed to open and close the draw code naturally.

The inner picks up a canvas with excellent balance of durability and lightness. When putting in and out of things, it is easy to get dirty, making it a soft leather to maintain a clean feeling, and is designed to be used in a beautiful state for many years.

Both loafers and sneakers.
A timeless design is a product that can be styled regardless of men's, ladies, or taste.


While there are various nylons all over the world, the fabric has been specially processed to create a “wavy” material like a wave and develops its own nylon.
This rich fabric is a material that fulfills "durability = high density", waterproof and antifouling to master daily use.
The beautiful texture that has been carefully twisted is finished into a material that makes you want to touch it.


The leather, which is a comfort and matches to match the casual style of adults, is Wine Heimer's . It inherits the high know -how of Tanner Karl Freidenburg, which has a history of 150 years, and boasts the world's highest technology.
The fiber tissue is precise, and the finest skin quality and flexible leather are attractive to the overflowing dignity and the quality that can be understood without touching. The gloss that increases as you use it will tell you the beauty of the flow of time.


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[Table] Rich (nylon), French calf (cowhide)

[Interior] Smooth leather (cowhide), canvas (cotton)


[Table] Navy
[Interior] Turquoise blue, red
[Stitch] Turquoise Blue


Vertical 36 x width 23 x gusset 23 / shoulder 66 ~ 81 (cm)



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