[Persimmon astringent dyeing]
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[Table] persimmon astringent dyeing (cowhide)
[Interior] Original soft leather (cowhide)


[Table] Camel
[Interior, stitch] Yellow


Vertical 10 x horizontal 20 x gusset 2.3 (unit: cm)

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About persimmon dyeing

“Overwhelming storage capacity”

Left and right cards (3 steps x 4) 12 sheets, coin purse side pocket, 1There is a variety of storage space, such as left and right tagping pockets x 2.
Increase the gusset,By designing one partition pocket on the left and right side of the coin purse,Divide banknotes by type,We can also organize the copy of the card details.
Smartphones, passbooks, etc. can be stored.
The contents fly around the wallet because it is fastened with a zipperThere is a sense of security that does not give out.
Because it is designed so that it will be fully openThe contents are easy to see at a glance and it is easier to take out.
Cash, card, receipt,Recommended for those who want to carry a lot of receipts.

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Persimmon astringent dyeing product

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