[Persimmon astringent dyeing]
L Zip long wallet

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About persimmon dyeing

"I just want to take it out"
Smart wallet

Anyway, thin, smart

At the moment you pick it up, it is a design that emphasizes the compactness that seems to be "thin!" And the functionality that is not the only thing that is designed by Brooklyn.
Despite the zip type, it does not sound even if you put it in the inner pocket of the jacket. It matches "Those who are worried about the zip type due to thickness and size" and "those who want storage capacity but want to have smart".The color contrast between the persimmon astringent dyed leather on the table and the inner soft leather inside is beautiful, and it is finished in an item that gives the joy of using a wallet.

Minimal wallet

The widely designed gusset fulfills the ease of use of this wallet.
Because the storage location is immediately known, the putting in and out will be smooth, and even the settlement will be decided smartly.
Cards (4 steps x 2), a total of 8 cards, left and right card part back pockets x 2, coin purse x 1, and a variety of storage spaces that are more than look, we dare to make a small number of card pockets. It is a wallet that fits in the modern age that always has a minimal style of "do not put too much in wallet" while always organizing.

How to use freely

The one -side card pocket is made in a movable type without dare to sew the lower part. As a result, the usage is not limited, and the usability that suits you will be realized.
Occasionally, the receipt is sorted on and off, the rarely used cards are divided by type, and the banknotes are stored for each price. It is a free design that thinks how to use it comfortably without stress in a limited space.

Don't worry

The coin purse is an open pocket located in the wallet center. The frontage of the coin pocket is 8cm long x 16cm in width, and as a result of visibility and ease of removal, it is manufactured without zipper. Because it pursues thinness, it is designed to prevent coins from jumping out of coins without attaching a zipper to the coin purse in order to minimize the thickness of one zipper. Don't worry if you shake in your bag.
If you have such a frontage, you can use it as a card pocket without dare to put coins.


Part number



[Table] persimmon astringent dyeing (cowhide)
[Interior] Original soft leather (cowhide)


[Table] Camel
[Interior] Yellow
[Stitch] Yellow


Vertical 9 x horizontal 18.5 x Machi 1 (unit: cm)

country of origin


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