[French calf]
Body bag
color: Black
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"Know enough"
The ultimate body bag of adults.

With a relaxed time

The focus points are "simple form" and "thinness". I did not dare to put a pocket on the outside and focused on the minimum.
In the main space, wallet, mobile, sunglasses and handkerchiefs. In the pocket space, it is OK to clean fine gadget items such as eye drops, earphone and pocket charger.
Things are the ultimate of adults, which reflects their way of life and minds, and minimum is the end of adults, which has been "knowing enough."

For rough fashion, one -grade stylishness.

Aesthetics called leather

The leather, which is a comfort and matches to match the casual style of adults, is Wine Heimer's . It inherits the high know -how of Tanner Karl Freidenburg, which has a history of 150 years, and boasts the world's highest technology.
The fiber tissue is dense, fine skin quality and flexible leather are attractive with the high quality that can be understood without touching. The gloss that increases as you use it will tell you the beauty of the flow of time.
Even the luxurious leather is the same leather, even the ball connecting the front and the side so that you can enjoy the curve. Aesthetics that enhance the class of the person, such as the contrast of stitching that attracts leather colors more vividly, and a shoulder with a woven woven woven that creates a solid three -dimensional effect with the reflection of light, is condensed.

About French calf


Part number



[Main] French calf (cowhide)
[Interior] No. 11 canvas
[Shoulder] Nylon twill tape
[Back] Urethane mesh


[Main Tape] Black
[Interior] Gray
[Stitch] Black


24 x 14 x gusset 6
Shoulder total length 100 (unit: cm)



country of origin


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