[French calf]
B5 notebook cover
color: Yellow
【Build-to-order manufacturing】

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A notebook cover that fits neatly with a standard [B5 size].
The general notebook cover size gives you more room to carry your notebook refills and notebooks.
In the meeting and business negotiations, you can manage tasks, scheduling, and notes. Because it has a cell pocket, you can immediately respond to unexpected business card exchange.
The campus notebook is just right, so it is ideal for notebook covers.

Leather [French Calf]

A calf that is considered to be the highest leather in cowhide.
Since the veal leather around one year after birth is used, the original beauty is low, and the flexible beauty is attractive. By taking time carefully, it is a leather that can withstand many years of use, and the more you use it, the more calm gloss and the softness that blends into your hands, the representative material of the Brooklyn Museum .
The reason for finishing with chrome tanning is to keep the original flexibility and lightness of the calf. The surface of the leather is tightened by staining on the tanned leather, and then embossing at a high temperature on the surface.

This effect is enormous, it is difficult to scratch, it is hard to get lost, and the water is hard to soak, so if it gets wet, it will be a leather that does not remain. Furthermore, the color of the French calf is also the attractiveness of the color that slowly increases the gloss as it is, and the aging that shows a dignified expression. It is the best leather for those who want to enjoy vivid colors for longer.

While taking advantage of the quality of the leather, we are looking for a color like the Brooklyn Museum, and as an original color. Selection of leather accessories that produce themselves from many colors should greatly expand the width of the coordination.
"Leather with various facial expressions, matching every scene from business to casual"

That is the feature of French calf.


Part number



[Table / Middle] French calf (cowhide)
[Interior] Original soft leather (cowhide)


[Table / Middle] Yellow
[Interior] Saxo blue
[Stitch] Sax Blue


Vertical 25.7 x horizontal 18.2 (unit: cm)

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