Of "minimal",
A new form.

Carry around the "minimum required"

A "2in1" type mini wallet with a single coin case and a card case. This compactness is designed without waste coin pockets ×1, card slits ×3, banknote storage pockets ×1. It is a mini wallet of Otona which brings out a rich atmosphere though it is small by finishing it with [French calf] which gives off the quality that can be seen at a glance.
These days, the trend of cashless ness is progressing. It's a new form of mini-wallet proposed by Brooklyn for advanced users who use the main and sub wallets separately.

Color Creation

More than anything else, the quality of the material shines a sense of the person with the mini wallet.
If one difference, i finish the shape which does not match it seems young, and i finish it with a French calf with a high texture, and i am up a sense of class. To leather with a neat look, by giving a stitchcolor based on Brooklyn's law, the leather looks even more gorgeous, and enhances the style of the person who has it - this is the color creation that Brooklyn thinks.
Please feel the texture of this mini wallet that is completed only after you have it.

Easy-to-see coin pocket

In choosing a mini wallet, compactness is a big premise, the point that the convenience can not be removed. In particular, the good or bad of the coin pocket is the first time you realize it when you use it on a daily basis. Although the chance to use the coin is reduced, the machi design which opens wide realizes the easy to see and take out. The brightness of the inner color has achieved more ease of viewing, and by giving you a little space, you can store a little key.
All hooks to protect coins are made in Japan. The craftsmen polish it by hand and fine-tune it, so you can hear a pleasant "putin". It's a small thing, but i'm also very particular about "one sound".

Reliable banknote pocket

The pocket which stores the bill is designed without the gusset dare. This is the result of prioritizing thinness first and foremost.
The lower 12mm of the pocket is sewn in, and the koba is polished and integrated, so there is no need to worry about banknotes popping out or falling out.
By making the specification that can not put dozens of bills, it is always recommended to "use properly" according to the lifestyle and the situation. It is a mini wallet that i want to hand smoothly when I want to produce the smartness which is not easy at any time.

Craftsmanship Pride

Leather parts that overlap over and over. These polished koba are due to the "cut". This is an essential technique for making leather items in Brooklyn. When polished, the dye is put and the polish is done to all parts in the same way. It's a very time-consuming and not very efficient technique, but the only reason Brooklyn continues to adopt all of its parts is that it's a way of making things that can withstand years of use.
No matter how hard it takes, we never make anything that breaks or breaks quickly— koba in Brooklyn shows the pride of such craftsmen.

Original leather lining

The interior is made of soft leather developed by Brooklyn. As the name suggests, it is soft and has a very soft texture, so you don't get stuck with bills or cards.
In addition, including the inside of the coin purse, i always make two soft leather sit together in any part. The reason is simple: "I want you to use it for a long time."
The koba of each part such as the card stage and the partition is polished, and the sewing machine is done, and it makes it to make it so that it does not tear or peel off.

[French calf]
Snap mini wallet
color: Taupe x Navy

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Leather [French Calf]

Calf is considered to be the highest quality leather in cowhide.
Because the leather of the veal is used about one year after the birth, the wound of the raw skin is few from the beginning, and supple beauty is attractive. By processing carefully over time, it is finished into leather that can withstand many years of use, and in addition, the material "French calf" which represents the Brooklyn Museum comes out with a gentle luster and softness to fit in the hand to use.
The reason for finishing it with chrome is to leave the original flexibility and lightness of the calf intact. The surface of the leather is tightened by dyeing to the leather which was made, and then pressing the mold at high temperature on the surface.

This effect is great, it becomes hard to stick to the scratch, it is hard to slip off the mold, and because water is hard to soak, it is finished to leather that the stain does not remain if i wipe it off quickly even if I get wet. In addition, the color increases the luster slowly as it is, and the aging which shows the expression with dignity further is attractive of the French calf. It can be said that it is the most suitable leather for the person who wants to enjoy a vivid color for a long time.

Taking advantage of the quality of the leather, we seek the color that seems to be the Brooklyn Museum, and we also carry out bespoke notes as "original colors". From many colors, by selecting the leather accessories to produce yourown, the width of the coordination should be greatly extended.
"Leather with a variety of facial expressions that matches every scene, from business to casual"

That's what french calf is all about.


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[Table] French calf (cowhide)
[Interior] Original soft leather (cowhide)


[Table] Main: Tope, Flap: Navy
[Interior] Yellow
[Stitch] off white


8 x 9.5 lengths wide (unit:cm)

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