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Mini snap wallet
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Mini snap birth story

Mini Snap Wallet
An overwhelming popularity


Knocklet calf of the German prestige Tanner.
It is the leather finished by the Tanner with more than 150 years history and many achievements in the place of chrome tattered origin, and the moderate Hari and beautiful shadows highlight elegance when the item is taken.
Because it is strong to scratch and dirt, and it is fit to any lifestyle, the global luxury brand is highly appreciated.
It is not only the beauty of coloring, but also keeps the top class technology in quality preservation and environmental consideration.

Carry "the minimum necessary"

"2in1" Mini Wallet with coin case and card case. Coin pocket for this compact × 1, card slits × 3 bill pocket × Design 1 without waste. It is a Mini Wallet of the Tonna that produces a rich atmosphere even if it is small by the French calf that releases the quality that understands at a glance.
Cash flow flows ahead. It is a new pair of Mini Wallet which Brooklyn proposes for advanced people who use the main and sub wallet.

Color creation

Above all, it is quality of material to make sense of the person with Mini Wallet.
It is finished with a French calf with a high quality, and the class feeling is raised by the shape that cannot be seen even if it is mistaken. The color of the leather is glamorous by the stitch color based on the Brooklyn Law to the leather with the expressive expression, and it increases the style of the person more and more..
Please take care of the feeling of this Mini Wallet which is completed for the first time.

Coin pocket

It is a point that cannot be useless when choosing the Mini Wallet, as for the compact premise. Especially, the bad and bad of pocket pocket is realized for the first time using it everyday. Although the chance to use the coin has decreased, it is easy to obtain the ease and the ease of use by the large opening design. The brightness of the inner color has a better visibility, and it is possible to store a little key by giving it a little.
It is made in Japan. The craftsmen can polish and work fine tune, so you can hear the "Pachinko" which is pleasant. It is a trivial thing, but it is sticky to "one sound".

Bill pocket

The pocket that holds the bill is designed without daring. This is the result of the priority of thinness above all.
The pocket bottom 12mm is stitched, so that the cover is polished and integrated, so there is no fear that the bank will slip out or fall out.
It is recommended to use the "minimal" life style and the "fit" in accordance with the situation. It is Mini Wallet that wants to be able to be able to be carried out when it wants to produce the "unbearable" smart at any time.

Craftsman pride

Leather parts. Those polished coats are due to the "cut". This is an indispensable technique for making leather items in Brooklyn. Brush and put the dye again. It is very difficult and very efficient, but the only thing that Brooklyn is going to adopt for all parts is "how to make good use for years of use".
No matter how much time it takes, it will never make a thing that breaks or breaks away -- but the pride of such craftsmen appears in the buckwheat of Brooklyn.

Lining original leather

Soft leather developed by Brooklyn. As the name suggests, it is soft and very sensitive to the texture, it does not catch the card or card.
In addition, there are two soft leather stuck to each parts, including the inside of the small coin insert. The reason is simple, because I want to use it forever.
It is made up such as the card stage, the partition, and so on, and it does not break or peel.


Part number

532740 or


French calf


Table orange
Interior & Stitch yellow


Vertical × Side 9.5 (unit: cm)

A native country


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* because the structure cannot be stamped after completion.
Shipping is free of charge.

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