Fumio Yonezawa Chef x Masahiko Kusagaya Special Dialogue

Fumio Yonezawa Chef x Masahiko Kusagaya
Special dialogue

Although the industry is different, they have many common points, such as passion as a creator and thoughts for the next generation. In fact, both chef Yonezawa and the Brooklyn Museum have a mysterious connection that the "origin" was the same! In a rapidly changing society, there were various aspects of the two, such as "creators, pioneers, the same generation, and parents."

■ This partner

Chef Fumio Yonezawa

Born in Tokyo in 1980. After graduating from high school, he studied at a restaurant in Ebisu for four years, and moved to the United States alone in 2002. Michelin Sansezu's luxury French "Jean-Georges" headquarters is the first Japanese Sue Chef. After returning to Japan, he served as the chef at a famous domestic store. Independent in 2022, the first owner restaurant "NO CODE" was opened in Nishi -Azabu. He is not only active as a chef, but also has a wide range of activities from food education to product development. He has authored "Vegan Recipe" (Shibata Shoten).

■ Encounter between chef Yonezawa and Brooklyn

Kusagaya Yonezawa first came to our house was a common acquaintance, right?

Yonezawa That's right. That person often came to my store, found a post that newly made a wallet on SNS 5-6 years ago, and inadvertently contacted me, "Where did you buy it?" That's it. Then, he told me, "It's a Brooklyn Museum."

It was Kusagaya Ai Dye Dye Crocodile.

Yonezawa is completely in love at first sight. But at that time, I couldn't reach it, so I swore, "I'll buy it for my 40th birthday." And when I turned 40 and visited the Brooklyn Museum, I happened to be there!

Kusagaya Yes! I was surprised at that time!

Yonezawa: I actually showed me the wallet, but the design was really cool, but I decided again that I would like to make the same thing. So one week later, I visited the store again and ordered it. I was waiting for half a year, and I was always looking forward to it.

Sorry for waiting for Kusagaya ...! But thankfully, I'm grateful that some people have been waiting for less than a year.

Yonezawa: That's right! But as you wait, your joy will increase.

Kusagaya would be helpful if you could say that.

Yonezawa When I actually got it, I was really happy. Aizen crocodile that excites large adults. Nowadays, electronic money has become widespread than in the past, so the number of scenes using wallets has decreased, but if you put out that wallet, you will be able to ask, "What is that wallet?" There are so many, and I often tell people who can understand the difference, so I am happy every time.

Kusagaya If you can like that, I am also very happy. It is worth the commitment.

I think Yonezawa wallet and clock are the taste of adult men. If you choose a good thing that you can use for a long time, you will be rich in your mind.

The concept since the founding of Kusagaya, "I have a good and long -term good thing", so I am honored to be able to feel so.

Yonezawa: You also want to repeat good things. I was impressed by the wallet all the time, so this year I decided to buy a business card holder with an independent business card, so I decided to buy it in Brooklyn without hesitation. At this time, it was good timing and there was only one business card holder, so I decided promptly.

Kusagaya It's a bit embarrassing to ask such a thing, but what was the point I liked?

Yonezawa: The items I have now are two items, a wallet and a business card holder, but both have their facial expressions and like them. The first wallet was shown a few indigo dyed crocodile and decided with Mr. Kusagaya. There was a pleasure that I couldn't taste anywhere else in that process.

Kusagaya My motto is to create things that can lead to good results in business. To put it simply, the tension rises. Especially in the case of order, we aim for the finest tension!

The performance will definitely rise as the Yonezawa tension rises! I am convinced that there are many business users because they are manufacturing with that idea. Especially orders have different attachments. Previously, I had a habit of putting my wallet in my pants's ass pocket, but I stopped. I don't want to change the shape. I handle it carefully (laughs). Speaking of which, what was the reason Kusagaya started croco's indigo dyeing?

Kusagaya I wanted to send it to the world what I can do only in Japan. I thought that the independent method of indigo dyeing was wonderful, and it would be curious that it would be interesting to dye the best material, crocodile. It was about 15 years ago that I came up with this interconnection.

It is a multiplication like Yonezawa Japan.

The depth of the blue of Kusagaya indigo dyed cannot be given by other methods. I felt that because I was a leather brand in Japan, I had to send this splendor to the world and convey the charm of Japan. That's why it is meaningful or meaningful in Japan.

Yonezawa: Food is the same in terms of using the land to make the maximum expression. It is wonderful. I became more and more like Aizo Dyekuroko.

Kusagaya: There is also a desire to say, "Aiso dyed crocodile to the world's charm!" So, I'm really glad I did this job when I received such words, such as "I feel better just by having it" or "I'm a proud item." The biggest motivation for manufacturing is to make customers happy. This is not limited to indigo dyed crocodile, but I think that many people who love items are the significance of doing this job.

Yonezawa I am the same. The most motivated reaction when providing food is the most motivated. I'm glad to say "delicious", but I'm most happy with the words "fun" or "I'm glad I came here". "Delicious" can be experienced elsewhere, but "I'm glad I came here" means that I was able to become one of the only one among that person, so I feel the significance of living as a cook. It may be the moment.

Kusagaya: I'm a craftsman, so I think it's very important to stay close to customers, including the process of making, but Yonezawa is really wonderful to snuggle up to customers. "I don't have any hospitality." All of the photos with customers uploaded on Instagram are not only customers but also Yonezawa's smile, and they say, "I wonder if this place is really a nice place". "I want to go here." The power to think is amazing.

Yonezawa I'm sorry (laughs).

Kusagaya is coming soon, right? The opening of the new store.

Yonezawa is July.

I'm looking forward to Kusagaya! By the way, what kind of concept shop do you plan to do?

Yonezawa: It's a shop named "No Code", but as the name suggests, I want to make it a unique style and fun and creative restaurant, not the discipline or rules, or the conventional rules.

I'm excited just by listening to Kusagaya!

Yonezawa: I hope to be a place where I can show you what I have learned, knowledge, and experience. Please look forward to it.

Kusagaya will definitely go!

■ Men who loved Brooklyn

Yonezawa: I really wanted to hear this, but what is the name of "Brooklyn Museum"?

It is "Brooklyn" in Kusagaya New York. When the predecessor started a business at the age of 26, he was a generation who longed for "Made in USA". At that time, Japan was updating the civilization, such as the color of the TV, and the car and refrigerators became one in a single family, but the United States is just the most advanced world of the world. However, it seems that New York was sparkling because it was a place for all cultures. The predecessor who knew that it was not the people of Manhattan, but the people of Brooklyn was not the people of Brooklyn, so that they could not lose to the Frontier Spirits, which opened the Brooklyn era. In the industry, I heard that I wanted to be a pioneer in the genre of leather.

Yonezawa After all, it's named after that "Brooklyn"! Actually, I was training in New York, but I always lived in Brooklyn. I moved about three times, but I liked the atmosphere of that city and was in Brooklyn. So, for me, that city is a place that can be said to be the origin, it is a memorable city where I was clenching my teeth while feeling my heart, and it was a place where I took a big step as a cook, so the sound of "Brooklyn" sounds. I was attracted to the origin of the name for a long time.

Kusagaya was so concerned (laughs). Even so, thank you. By the way, around 2002, I was operating around OEM in Brooklyn. After that, we started a real store in Japan to create a store that convey our thoughts on ourselves, so in the sense that it was before taking the first step in Japan, it may be the same feeling as Mr. Yonezawa. not.

Yonezawa By the way, I was in New York in 2002.

Kusagaya! amazing! This is no longer a miracle connection (laughs).

Yonezawa I graduated from high school and had been training in Japan for about four years, but at some point I went to the United States because I thought, "I want to go to New York!" Maybe it's close to the longing that Kusagaya's father felt. "It's New York from now on!" I've never been (laughs). So when I was 22, I rented a house in Brooklyn.

Kusagaya: It's no exaggeration to say that the origin is the same (laughs).

Yonezawa will connect. By the way, why did you attach "Museum"?

The name of Kusagaya "Brooklyn Museum" has the idea of ​​"Let's enjoy it slowly, just like coming to the museum."

Yonezawa I see. When I say so, the atmosphere inside the store is like a museum. Calm, luxury and cultural aroma. I love this feeling.

Kusagaya: I'm glad I can praise it many times today (laughs). Thanks to you, it has been 20 years since I started retailing this March.

Congratulations to Yonezawa. You have to celebrate!

Kusagaya: I'm grateful that you can only be patronized. I look forward to working with you. If you order from Yonezawa, you can make anything.

Yonezawa But what if you have to wait for about a year?

Kusagaya That's right (laughs). Because it is on a first -come, first -served basis.

Yonezawa is good. I'll wait (laughs).

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In the next half of the next half, we will talk passionately about the “work theory”, “the thoughts for the next generation”, and “how to deal with society” that the two people, who have been a career for 20 years in each industry. looking forward to!

Edit by Ryuichi Takao