Don't be."

Don't be afraid of change.
It's an eternal theme for me, who loves to build a reza and stuff.

The leaser has the power of Age-ing (aging).
I don't want to go over the years.
I accept.
I changed my energy into my own energy.

Leather is a reciprocal reciprocal from life, and a variety of facial expressions can be found by human intelligence.
And the aging teaches us that we are "self-self", changing with the current flow of time.

"Change" is an identity.
It can only happen to you.

That's why we're changing now.

so that the smell of vegetables should be delightful.
Then, to taste the fresh fish in season.
I will bring the brand out of the material, and then I will launch a brand like that.
It is hard to win a selection of materials from all over the world and strictly selected.
Traditionally, innovations from tradition-Masahiko Kusagaya, a man of architecture.

It is a technique called "persimmon juice," which has been inherited from a thousand years or more.A texture that can be expressed only by hand-decontamination.
A beautiful 'indigo dyeing' is created by the chromosome nature of the human chromosome.A smooth touch created by the grass and the air.
The 'Yamato' in the marrow of the Japan Maid.A delicate balance that makes the tanners feel the Esprit.
Each one links to a dramatic, and is awakened to a new inspiration.

-Reserve salon.
On April 1 (water), the holidays will be on Monday, Tuesday.
And on Tuesday, "Reserve salon".
Sanctuary in the heart of the city, where only the customers who have booked you can enjoy it.
Forget your time and spend your time slowly.

It is a blessing to live on the earth.
The wisdom and process that eco has inherited.
A repert to others who came to know by making things.
-- our sustainability.

It's a shretched city, day-to-day.
The courage to change and the efforts to keep it.

"REBORN-Replay -"

I hope to enjoy the change by looking at the staff and staff of the second generation.

Masahiko Kusagaya

Masahiko Kusagaya[born in 1981]


the representative director and chief artisan

BROOKLYN: The father of the founder of MUSEUM MUSEUM, he is very young, and he is determined to "someday" and "go to the world."
He attended high school and helped a company and said, "How do I work for a whole life?"At the same time as graduation, he decided to join the company and made a master of
From the age of 19, he studied business with his father in London, Paris and New York.The quest for methods to utilize the culture of each country in the skin and to make use of the material and the material for the material.
For solid technology, I will be selected as the young master of the CRAFTED for LEXUS, which is selected by the Toyota TTA LEXUS.
In 2019, the company will be replacing its 40-year-old generation.
The aim is to create a ' one to make the heart enriched. '