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Thank you for your continued patronage of Brooklyn MuseumThank you very much. Brooklyn Museum CEO Masahiko Kusagaya.

The cold difference also falls, and looking up with the sky with good cheerfulness,Deep breathing while watching the clouds flowing slowly. Be careful with the sup, and daily kitchen knifeHolding it.

Those who are new year and have been advanced in a new environment,If you continue to walk to the spirit of "Chikara". new YearEach degree is to look at it right now.

We are "Let's announce the end in the disposable era" 20 years ago,By adding technology to Japanese cows, a by-product, "spinning the future" and developed .

Produces a product that makes a good thing "good thing" by making sustainable "circulation"It has come out.

Our new year is Yamato who can enjoy agingRetopped the product, and the "mini wallet" fitted in the era,Usability is high for people of "Normal long goods fabric",We will deliver new products.

P. S. Of the prolonged situation,I feel the importance of sustainable mental and physical strength. The color is sometimesThere is also the effect of working on NTL,I pray that my mind will wet by bringing my own my colorI will!

CEO Masahiko Kusagaya

Leather that fulfills sustainable

Brooklyn Museum Original Leather

20 years of development from development, and according to diversified needs
New Standard Wallet was born.

Small, bill, card,Minowallet that can store the change beautifully.
I finished my impression with a refreshing impression.

"I tried using a mini wallet, but I want to walk with allecore
After all, the storage of a long wallet is attractive "I want a long wallet to enjoy aging
It is a long wallet that fulfilled such needs.

Singapore Hen
Huls Gallery Singapore
(Hars Gallery Singapore)

Halsh from Singapore to the World from Singapore
Made in Japan A representative of two representatives.
Please read it by all means.

The strongest opening day of May
We will deliver the best day for your wallet, bag, and new tone.

Yoshimi who is said to be returned to return to the seeds
4th / 7th / 8th / 19th / 20th / 31st

New development, fame, honor, fortune, and emperor, respectively
4 days / 5th / 13th / 17th / 25th / 29th

A day that a snake that is the use of a valve wzyfing will bring a good luck
Nine days

Yoshiyoshi who is said to be particularly charged
21 days

It is a great day for newness such as wallet and bags.

Craftsman and representative Masahiko Takagaya Heavy, and the tailored crocodile
The force is impressive thing when it combines creativity and practicality

[Himalaya Crocodile]
Mini snap wallet

[Anti-dyed crocodile]
Mini snap wallet
Mini snap wallet


Quick payment system
"After paying (Paydy)" introduced

  • Credit card unnecessary
  • Email address and easy settlement of mobile number
  • Multiple settlements can be paid on the 10th of the next month

After payment (Paydy)
With e-mail address and mobile number registration
It is a system that can be easily settled.

Beginning of Amazon
Many companies in the Japanese market
Payment system introduced.
Please use all means.

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