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ID case that is an indispensable item in the business scene. The event of New York that occurred on September 11, 2001 was triggeredSecurity has been enhanced worldwide, and ID check is a must.
Security checks have not yet penetrated in Japan, and the ID case was only a simple plastic.

When a major company gradually started checking the ID at the entrance, he asked for a highly sensitive customer, saying, "I want a case other than a plastic."
So, I tried to develop a higher -grade ID case that would make me happy to wear it.

“1 and 3 roles”

First, customers who select the leather ID case assumed what kind of occasion would be used.
When entering the company, when you come and go for lunch, when you return home, when you think about various patterns, it was best to remove the ID itself and the strap.
At that time, the timing of non -contact IC cards began to spread, and there was demand as a pass case.

A pattern that the body and strap are jointly used on the neck,
Remove the strap and attach it directly to the pocket of a suit or shirt,
Patterns used as pass cases,
I designed it so that I could use it all.

I needed a transparent cell window parts to make the ID check smooth.
The celluloid was selected because the surface feeling of celluloid used for regular insertion was beautiful.
The leather color on the back, as well as the silver parts, as well as stitch colors, were carefully selected, creating the gloss of adults on the back of the neck.

In the spring of 2002, the leather ID strap was announced for the first time in Japan.
In September of the same year, when we exhibited at the exhibition "MIPEL" twice a year in Milan, we caught the eyes of Japanese buyers and started handling at famous select shops and department stores.

However, after a while after the release, happening occurred.
That was that celluloid broke.

“The difference between New York and Japan”

At this time, when there was no leather ID case in Japan, I checked that New Yorkers are actually using it twice to three times a year.

Already in NY, the ID system with IC chips has already been taken, and most of the time is not used, and the ID is exposed and the ID is exposed, or the plastic case does not take in and out of the plastic case. Under the assumption that this system will penetrate Japan in the future, the window parts will be produced in celluloid.
However, at that time, many Japanese companies were not yet well equipped, and they entered the guard to the guards and entered the museum. Since the ID was put in the case with a commuter pass, etc., the frequency of putting the card in and out increased, the burden on the celluloid, and the cracks occurred.

Customers whose celluloid broke was repaired for free, but we needed to think immediately how to improve these parts.
As a result of testing materials that are hard to crack and resistant to bending, stability that is resistant to bending and stretching, durability that is hard to deteriorate, and in comparison with general plastic, the amount of oil is reduced, which leads to resources. Will be adopted.

“Flexibility according to the times and countries”

In the latter half of 2005, while the security system became widespread, one card was entered when entering the building, one card in the floor, and a total of 2 ids.The number of needs is increased, and a model that can be used on both sides has been released.
Furthermore, foreign -affiliated companies have adopted a lot of vertical IDs, and the demand to want to make them look smoother with the vertical effects, and the vertical type is also made.
The reel can be added as an option, and the action has become smooth even if you wear the case.

Catch the evolution of technology and change of lifestyle and continue updating.
In the era when personal is respected, we will always aim for products that fit more than customers.