It is a thing that will bring a richness in everyday life.

Instead of chasing the epidemic, I feel that "I am a strong determination of Kore" so I feel that a heart is attracted to a similarity adult.

Featuring Anno who is worried about Brooklyn Museum.

It is a serialized plan that introduces people who enjoy or think of each future.


Mr. Mino Shiozaki
(GOEN ° Producer Co., Ltd.)


Mr. Mino Shiozaki who works as a producer at Goen ° Corporation. Shizaki, who has experienced experiences with people who are active in the first line with cultures such as music, movies, art diractions, etc. She came to her story until her work to her work and a mono choice for myself.

━ What is Mr. Shiozaki who is doing work?

Shiozaki-san (following salt): Goen ° is a company that is a company advertisement and accompanying graphic design, CM production, logo production as a corporate branding, and sometimes producing PR videos. She also conducts musician artwork, while she will help you with a lot of work, and she actually works.

Nowadaysmono ° Goen ° (monogoen)I also launched the EC site.

主 Headed is a small picture of Art Director of Art Director, right?

Salt: Yes. Representative Morimoto is an art director, she also has a title of communication director, but she is a person who is becoming "edgy" to make people really to connect people.

Among them, I have the title of "Edige Producer", and produced management work, progress management of the entire project.

彼 彼 She can tell me the history of this job?

Salt: Various experiences and edges are connected now, but there were much more consciousness from the early twenties to "connect people and people"I thought that she thought that she was thinking about what she was thinking of having met her motto.

And if you accidentally ask for your work at the previous job, you may want to work, originally thought that it was lovely, and the address of the staff and the atmosphere of the staff who looked there. It turned into love against.

━━ You have worked at the creativity in culture such as music, movies, art director, etc.

Salt: That's right. These cultures could not be disconnected in my life, and there were many creative people such as the people and musicians. When I follow the roots, my grandfather was a stage director, so I liked nature from my childhood to make something in the influence.

Customers in the food and drink were also longer, but the opportunity to touch music will increase year by year, and I decided to see you in the world, and entered this world.

━ なる I see. So what is the time to feel good at work?

Salt: It can be said across the company, but we cherish all the work we received. And what is the world view, standing with both clients and customers and creating this product? What kind of person want to get it? What are you happy when you receive? Because of various "?", Such as "?" The more you have, the higher the degree of satisfaction.

When you request a design in one project, it is common to propose a 2-3 proposal, but at Goen °, we have proposed a one-handed number of plans that exceed the other party's expectation. increase.

Then the customers are surprised and "I thought so much!" Every time I look at such a scene, I realize that I am "I'm doing a very good job." It is an image that will be served to our customers.

-You want to see the face that the customer is happy, so you're going to each other.

Salt: First of all, I think that is the first. Furthermore, since it is also seen that the memories born there is also derived to ideas and designs, it is also a pretty big keyword that "I".

では, What are you cherishing in your work?

Salt: I think that what kind of work is also a service industry, "kindness" is in mind for the other party. Produced business is a attentive job.

Even with the other party in progress in the project, it is not a case, but it is not possible to take an email at a casual timing, and a word, and "I'm thinking about these things now" by changing it in two words, and I can't catch it. You may be able to drop it into your design. In this way, I think it is an important role in making the airfall of our customers and the ventilation of production.

I think that it will lead to "yourself".

-What is the common standard when Mr. Shiozaki chooses something?

Salt: Simply speaking, "I feel like my feelings" Choose. In addition, things that have a story property or what the body temperature and roots of the builder may be easy to get in hand. The part of the appearance, such as beautiful, is important, but we value the background of the object.

In addition, the design that has loved once is often you welcoming you as you want to align with different colors, so it will be used inevitably.

-It is another way to choose another. You have been careful about the elements that are comfortable.

Salt: That's right. It is not the epidemic, but I have selected it on my own axis. It may be a slightly bigger, but I will lead to confidence, and I think that "my style is this" and it is also a tool to know the other person.

では では What is it like your way of life?

Salt: It was a life that is also the advantage of being tough for themselves and other people. However, I'm thinking that I would not be comfortable to stop.

It is also tough for me, but of course there is a part that is considered to be a seriousness in a sense, but it does not restrict something or sacrifice, but not to loves you? I noticed in some years.

For example, in most work, it is not necessary to do our best in many things that teamwork is needed. Sometimes it is important to rely on people and rely on people, not too much. By doing so, I think that we will connect to the way of life that seems to be easy and self.

━ 時 時 時 げ, ,

Salt: That's right. I think that it is one of the rewards that you order and make your own one. If you face what you want to do now, you have a moment with Ston and a trace, and cherish yourself with the stack of such things.

It is also conscious that you can also be able to recognize your failure. It was not possible to get stuck "I could not help but do not know because I could not help but I can not help but I can not help but I can not help you."

後 後 Lastly, one life, but how do you want to live?

Salt: That's what you like to do as much as you like. I think that the reality that is happening in front of you is what he is producing. In order to be happy, I think that I want to think so, I think that I will approach the ideal reality by doing so.

So I would like to choose as much as you like to be with your favorite people and do something like.

My Perplane Item BEST 3

Goen got from the representative

Salt: I am always carrying Goen to pass to those who have a "edge" with a business card at work. This is Goen when I asked for work in a previous job and met Morimoto for the first time. This is always in the wallet.

Now I'm going to pass this, but I cherish it as something I received.

Better Mem Pearl Necklace

Salt: Bethlehem Pearl, is a necklace using a vintage pearl made from the 1930s and 50's in the land where Christ was born. In the old days, it is an item that the monastery had, and is made by hand carving one by one.

I saw this pearl featured this pearl in front of you, and it has been a long time ago. When I was doing an exhibition, I discovered in a friend's instum and "I was looking for!" As soon as I asked, I finally made a reservation for an exhibition and finally met there.

This is also a person's thoughts. It will be a sense that you are wearing and protected.

Corneille tableware series

A series of dishes sites that are treated with a peanut shop "Corneille" in Oyama stand recently. Dietary meals that meet your preferences have been re-recognized that not only stomach but also the feeling will be greatly satisfied. Even if there is no sense of the writer, it is not from the texture of the bowl, but I feel that the person's personality comes to mind.

Brooklyn Museum to use

Salt: As the age is overlapped, it has become a feeling that he has a little back and has a fine thing, so he will take care of your feelings and stretch your backomans.

About 5 years ago, I was looking for a restaurant when I wanted to make a wallet at that time, I asked Brooklyn Museum for the first time I introduce that there is a shop that makes leather products full order from acquaintances. Yes.

I'm nervous with my first full order, and I would like to explain the product carefully and carefully, and I've been communicated from there to my product, so I want to order here! What I thought has come to the now.

Now, the wallet and coin purse you are using were new this year.

━ です It is a fresh item of beautiful color.

Salt: That's right. Actually, this second generation was ordered in the same color 5-6 years ago. This color was a color that the economy is activated for me, and if you have a long wallet, I wanted to make this color.

It was representative and I was a representative and I was able to make a thing that I was depicting, thanks to the representative and I was able to hear and listened to Mr. Hugaya, who is a representative and a leather crocoder.

As the first generation has been an aging of dirt in a hygien, I got a lot of things and made something almost together. The first generation was brighter cream color, but this time, with a thick navy, stitched to the color of the table.

小 The coin purse was ordered in the same color.

Salt: Yes, coin purse is also attached to a long wallet, but if you put a card, it will expand it, so I wanted to share it if it is it, and I made a new coin case.

Basically, I do not want to carry luggage so much, so when I go out a little, I only have this coin purse.

The long wallet and coin purse are also color that is quite out of it, so it is often to give me a voice. It is also wonderful that only one design in the world is.


Edit & Interview: Takafumi Matsushita