Brooklyn Museum founder, Kusagaya Kazuhisa.
Born in Shinda 26.

In the class, he grew up in a downtown area where there were some craftsmen's children, and his uncle of Kazuhisa was also one of the bag craftsmen.
It would be no exaggeration to say that grew up close to the production of manufacturing seriously, which had a big influence on Kazuhisa later.

The generations who felt that the rich American culture that had flowed after the war landed one after another, and touched on the fun of the times.
Television goes from monochrome to color.
Music goes to the sound of folk songs and electric guitars. The Beatles whirlwind occurred worldwide, which had a huge impact on Japan.

A group that enthusiasts tens of thousands of young people. Kazuhisa was nothing but a culture shock, and I was so crazy that there were no days when I didn't listen to the guitar sound.

As I heard, I learned that great sounds such as ventures, beach boys, and even elvy Presley are coming from the United States.

Kazuhisa, who began to yearn for American culture, began to be interested in clothes culture, and was shocked by "Ivy Fashion".

The fashion of the Ivy Leaguers attracted Japanese youth and created their own culture. At that time, VAN was very popular in Japan. The people who went to Ginza were walking around with a VAN paper bag on the side.

Navy blue blazer, loafers, button -down shirts and Bermuda pants.

Unexpectedly, it was the "culture" of American students at the time that the styling of Kazuhisa was formed.

As I knew various fashions and improved my sense, I began to think deeply about the culture of clothes.

"What is clothes?"

"What is TPO?"

"What do people dress up for?"

At that time, there was no PC.
When you read books and magazines, you go to the store based on the information you know. So the joy of getting your favorite things.

"Is this sense of hearing a" playfulness "?"

Kazuhisa, who was curious, continued to explore fashion culture playfulness as his heart went.

At that time, Kazuhisa's father, Masao, ran a restaurant.

A father who wanted to succeed.

Kazuhisa becomes stronger day by day, saying, "I want to jump into the fashion world."


No matter how many times you talk, you will not be able to get in.

The groove was gradually formed between parents and children, and the groove was only deepening day by day.


Kazuhisa suffered a conflict and decided to leave the house.

That was when I was 18 years old.

It was a snowy day.

Chapter II

"Everything started with one bag."