"Be yourself,
"Use it for multi"

This multi-case is the perfect item for today's aggressive business people.
The usability that does not fit into the mold is variable according to the lifestyle and TPO. The material and the color create the "own" and the "own" is projected on how to use it.
Because it is the season when grooming becomes fresh, why not condense the leather accessories you get at a moment's notice?

For example, lunch break.

Usually, when I hold a long wallet and a cell phone in my hand, I change my pennies and some bills into a multi-case and leave the office. The cell phone is a chest pocket. The multi-case is in the pocket of the pants.
How light you are!
The taste of indigo dyeing, which deepens only by using it for a long time, does not just ask for lightness, but alone makes it so convincing.

The age when things overflow.
This may be the starting point for a more minimal lifestyle.

Do you put more than one card in one stage of the card pocket of the wallet?

In recent years, it is becoming a card society with the times.
Full-time cards and occasional sun-bathing cards. It might be impossible to store various things in one wallet.
It is a card holder to play an active part in such a time.
Because it is possible to adjust the belt even if you put the number of sheets, there is no need to worry about the card jumping out in the bag. If you choose a type-pressed French calf, you don't have to worry about any thyrs or dirt, and you'll be able to get stress-free comfort.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the first barrier of business, the scene of business card exchange.
It's a waste just to finish it safely.
How can you make an impact without any impact?

If you select "Kakishi shibu dyeing" using traditional Japanese dyeing methods, you can express an up-and-go attitude that values tradition and culture while making an impact on the rarity of the material. The main room finished with a W-shaped gussie, there is also a pocket on the front and the back of the main body, so the business card you received is also stored smartly.
To pay homage to the other party. It might be a step to the first class to express it from the business card case itself.