Mirai e Omoo
Cova polishing

BROOKLYN MUSEUM is an essential product for the MUSEUM product.
It's "Cut-eye-buckle-polishing."

A technique for polishing all the parts together by pasting a frontleaser and a backlaser.

In the hundreds of processes per item, 40 % of the covas-poles are fasted.This is a process that takes about half of the time.

The dye is made by polishing, dried, and dyeing and polishing.He politely politely, and his wallet will be his first voice.

As it takes time and effort, the fabric is not available and needs to be finished by an olleaser, and the cost is different from that of the other.Therefore, the method was not suitable for mass production and was not fully futuated worldwide.

This is the "Repair Economic" that saves the future.

The creation of an object without the need to throw it away.
It's the only process that can make your attachment happy while repairing it.