L zip that you can have a clean smart
An excellent product that plays an active part in any scene.

The minimal design is simple and beautiful,
If you create a "casual pair" with different tones,Matches even more to the "two adults".

L zip long wallet

¥48,000 + tax

Coin case and card case are now in one
2in1 type mini wallet.

With the high quality of the French calf, the mini wallet upgradedAs it can be widely used as a sub wallet on weekdays and as a main wallet on holidays,If you bring them together, you will have the dignity of a “skilled advanced person”.

Snap mini wallet

¥22,000 + tax

An important key for each
A key case that protects well.

Because it is a card size, it can also store card keys and IC cards.
"Self-like color" and "that person-like color" for small itemsIf you select it, you may lock it, or even love it.

key case

¥19,000 + tax

A card case that holds up to three cards, bills and business cards.
This item finished in bicolor is compact,It can be stored neatly in a long wallet.

Because it’s something you get every day,
Why don't you give a color that enriches your life "just a little"?

Compact pass case

¥14,000 + tax

Feminine small size tote,
Firmly stores A4 size files.

The color contrast between high-quality materials and stitches
Adds more elegance.

Machi tote bag

¥85,000 + tax

With two types of shoulder belts.
Not only daily but also for special outings and parties,Change the expression depending on your mood.

A "gorgeous feeling" that you can easily wear with denim.
It is a bag that colors your outfit with a good look.

Square shoulder bag

¥78,000 + tax

Fine texture and transparent coloring
A long wallet that colors the hands of an independent woman.

The deepening of the color over time is fascinating.
We want our precious partners to feel the depth together...
It is a gem that can be transmitted without talking a lot.

Long wallet with belt

¥63,000 + tax

Whether you wear it over your shoulder or hold it in your hand, it's the perfect size balance.
Even if you put luggage such as gadgets, the bottom will not drop easily.

The "adult" features that the French calf creates
The eyes around me are nailed.

Medium tote bag

¥98,000 + tax

With cotton that gives off a luster like silk,
Tote bag with a combination of transparent Italian leather.

From a serious expression devoted to work,
At a moment's notice, it's like showing a soft smile...
Not only for commuting and outing on holidays, it can also be used by two people,
It is a flexible tote.

Supima x Buttero Tote

¥48,000 + tax

The belt can be used in any scene
Projects the person himself.

A beautifully embossed crocodile pattern and stitches that shine on leather.
The rich presence that sets it apart from the surroundings
It is a belt that updates your usual fashion and makes you feel better

Croco embossed 35mm belt

¥15,000 + tax

Holiday season limited wrapping
I am doing.

If you want limited wrapping,
Please let us know in the "Other inquiries" column when purchasing.