[Allangote x French Calf x Crocodile]
Drawstring bag
color: Blue x White

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Tope x pink

Green x black

A drawstring bag with an adult arrangement with a simple leather arrangement. Allangote x French calf, real crocodile designed casually on the handle. Superb quality ◎

The long wallet is neatly fitted vertically, finished in a design that also contains a mini water bottle, and keeps a core around the outer periphery of the bottom, keeping a beautiful silhouette.

The real crocodile selected on the handle is incorporated as an accessory, expressing the trend and the richness of adults.

The inside is luxuriously used. Because it is resistant to water, it is difficult to stain if it is wiped off quickly, and it is difficult to get dirt. The inside was tailored so that the inside does not get dirty and the tension does not drop ◎

The elegant leather texture and the color contrast unique to the Brooklyn Museum give a simple dressing atmosphere.


[Allan Goat]

The firmness and beautiful and delicate expression that can be seen by touching. Gote leather created by a long -established Tanner of France, Arran. Tanners, which keep a certain quality for more than 100 years, have a reputation for elegant coloring unique to France and are used in many Big Maison.
A technical Shibo that brings out the value of the material. This expression is born by carefully applying the density of fiber -like density and firmness and firmness by hand by hand manually.
A product made luxuriously from a small leather than a cowhide. Light and core leather wears an aura as you use it.

About French calf

About indigo dyed crocodile


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[Table] Allan Goat (goat leather), French calf (cowhide)
[Interior] Original soft leather (cowhide)
[Handle] Nile Crocodile (Crocodile Leather)


[Table] Blue, White
[Interior] Yellow
[Handle] Indigo dyeing chocodile
[Stitch] Turquoise


25 x horizontal upper 13, bottom diameter 16,
Handle inner circumference 54-116 (unit: cm)



country of origin


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